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Hello Sunshine…

la la la *sings Super Furry Animals song*

Welcome new readers! And old readers! And everyone who stumbles upon this humble blog of ours this fine late-summer morn!

Okay, enough. Time for nails.

For my birthday, I received a bottle of Rimmel I ♥ Lasting Finish 280 Sunshine. It really is a small ray of sunshine in its cute barrel bottle. Application was easy, although visible nail line was a bit of a problem – I had to do 4 coats to get a solid colour. Worth it, nonetheless!

(psssst. all pics are clickable!)



having a Pez!

petting my dog!

And there is Rimmel Sunshine! It’s a gorgeous crayon yellow and, come to think of it, would match nicely with my Miss Sporty Pop Fiction if I were to do a primary colours manicure *thinks for a minute*. Maybe…

I added a new WordPress feature called Zemanta recently. It basically generates suggestions for tags and content, according to what you are typing. Here are some of the photos WordPress think would add to my current post… *edit* GAH! They only let me put the picture at the top of my post, which I do NOT want to do, thank you very much. Anyway, my point is, they all had little or nothing to do with nail polish.

*rant over*

Here’s a pretty picture of a sunset near my home, to end on a happy note. Click on it for full-size, and instant calm 😀

down by the sea

have a lovely day everyone…

~ Nua Eabhrac



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Honey, I’m Duochrome

Retro polish alert!

I found this polish – Rimmel 60 Seconds Vinyl Shine no.875 Zeitgeist – hanging around the house recently. It was a birthday present my sister received many, many years ago. In fact, I remember the birthday party, lots of tween girls racing around the house knocking over things and eating all the sweets. Good times. Well, the bottle and the polish are in perfect condition, so I dusted it off and gave it a lash. The duochrome-y-ness is pretty FREAKING awesome.

(indoor claw)

(indoor duochrome)

(natural light)

(outdoor close-up)

How pretty is it? It’s a dark purple aubergine colour most of the time, but tilt your nails and it turns a bronze colour with shades of green. It applied perfectly, lasted for several days, and was generally FIERCE. I wonder if Rimmel still make it?

~ nua eabhrac


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Blue Me Away

Bonjour peeps!

I had a beautiful blue manicure last weekend, following my miniature haul of nail polish in Enniskillen (I ❤ Superdrug). Anyway, I used a Miss Sporty polish from their new Clubbing Colours range, with the fabulous name of Pop Fiction. To be honest, this was the least clubby colour in the range – it’s an eye-catching cornflower blue creme.

I used an Essence base coat, followed by two coats of the polish, then a top coat… then I went to bed, smudged it all to blazes… and in the morning, begrudgingly did another coat of Pop Fiction followed by a final top coat! The upside of this almost-NailFail was that it lasted and lasted and lasted. There were no chips or tipwear until the fifth day. Getting bored with the colour I have on my nails is usually a good sign (that it’s long-wearing, not that I’m easily bored with my nails. Well okay sometimes I am. OOH LOOK a shiny thing. *grab*). Here are a few pictures:




The polish cost me £1.99 from Superdrug. I would kill to have a Superdrug around these parts. Superdrug overlords, can you hear me? I used to love going to Superdrug in the UK, because its range is cute and funky and tailored towards beauty, much more so than Boots. I also bought an excellent purifying cleanser there… but that’s for another blog 😛


~ Nua Eabhrac


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