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Hello world!

Hello blogosphere. It’s me, Ciara. I painted my nails yesterday, just thought you should know. Here they are.

Sparkly joy! The nail polishes I used are here and here.

That is really all. Now for some tea.


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Howdy, howdy!

Claudia here! The trend of Holographic Nail Polish has swept the beauty world! After a determined treasure hunt, I finally managed to get my hands on a bottle (Milani 3D Silver Holo to be precise). Very cool (not to mention very anticipated!) Below is a picture of how it turned out. I’ve decided that the wow-factor of holo nailpolish definitely depends on skin tone. Being a little more on the cooler, paler side, the colors didn’t pop as much as I’d have liked.

The first picture is more or less what the nailpolish would look like all the time, whereas the second picture was a result of catching the light just the right way. Aside from a basecoat (my beloved Stickey Base Coat) and Revlon Clear polish as a top coat, I also applied 3 coats of  holo over one coat of a frosty silver nailpolish to give it a more metallic effect. Alas, I think the silver actually took away from the holographic effect. Next combo to try: Silver Holo over black! I’m expecting the result to be “galactic”! Ho ho ho. 😉

Ciao for now!


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