“Mauve is just pink trying to be purple.” – James Whistler, artist

Oscar Wilde student

young Oscar, disapproving of his placement in this blog

The above is a quote I found while reading the Wikipedia entry for mauve, looking for some inspiration for this post. Mauve is a pretty controversial colour, apparently – “Mauve became very popular in the 1890s and became associated with homosexuality because well known figures in the art world during that decade were gay such as author Oscar Wilde and artist Aubrey Beardsley.” Ooo-er missus! Another useless factoid – in the BBC series, Doctor Who, mauve is the universal colour for danger. And mauve is commonly used in stage lighting to create a sunset effect. Here was me thinking mauve was just another shade on the pink/red spectrum.

So today’s colour is yet ANOTHER Miss Sporty, and my last one for a while – mainly because they’re not available in Sligo (I need Enniskillen or Galway for my fix) but really mainly because I have to stop buying nail polish for a while. A little while. It’s reaching epidemic levels in the house.

This shade is named Vintage and is from their Lasting Colour range. When I saw it in the shop I was underwhelmed – actually, it’s the ugly navy cap that puts me off the Lasting Colour range. It contrasts horribly with almost every colour and does no justice to the great nail polish inside. I decided to give this one a go because, on second glance, it did look like a pretty colour…

(sorry about the blurry craposity of this pic)

…. and yay! I wasn’t completely wrong!

It was beautifully opaque and took 2 coats for full coverage, and the formula… well, let’s just say it went on like butter, like BUTTAH (semi-obscure reference). It also wore well. I think I may have hit on a good base-coat/top-coat combination. As mentioned before, I use Rimmel London Stronger Try Harder Double Duty Base Coat, which cost about €5. I don’t always use a top-coat, but when I need extra gloss I use Essence Colour & Go 01 Absolute Pure, which was a pocket-friendly €1.29.

soooo vaaahhhntaaaaage

bought these in Paris.... ya I did...

I love love love this colour, I couldn’t stop admiring my nails!! And I was sad to take it off but hey, I get bored easily…

I’ve been sick for the past few days and have been in dire need of cheering up. One thing that helps is looking at recent photos of happier, HEALTHIER times!! Here is one of my favourites, the seal release in Strandhill a couple of weeks ago. I think it merits a click.

Ciao readers 🙂 xo

awww *warms heart*

~ nua eabhrac



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2 responses to ““Mauve is just pink trying to be purple.” – James Whistler, artist

  1. Aron

    I think that nail colour is spectacular! What I would really love to know, and I must find out, …. What is the name of that species of rose on the left hand side of this website, talk about beautiful, oh my!

  2. Aron

    Love the quote from James Whistler

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