who? what? where? when?

New York Lady is a collaboration between two newbie polish bloggers. Nua Eabhrac and Molto Fashion are twenty-something NYU graduates who met at a grad school orientation in 2008. In 2010, Nua Eabhrac became obsessed with nail polish, and nail polish blogs, and convinced Molto Fashion to join her in setting up a shared blog about nail polish. The blog is a blend of Irish (NE) and Italian (MF) polishes, with a New York sensibility.


7 responses to “who? what? where? when?

  1. Hey there! I found your blog by accident and I really like it! But I can’t find your GFC window, can I follow you only by email? It’s not a problem, I just want to make sure, since I usually follow via GFC. 🙂

    Happy 2011!

    • Hey, glad you like the blog! Unfortunately WordPress doesn’t support GFC 😦 You can follow our blog if you’re a wordpress user, or otherwise with bloglovin (there’s a button on the righthand panel). Or you can subscribe by email, as you said. Thanks for checking us out 😀

  2. Found your blog thru my cousin, Mel. Love it! Are you on Facebook??

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