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what’s in a name?

just a quick post, after noticing this article on the Huffington Post about ridiculous nail polish names. I must admit I am a little incensed by this – I love weird polish names, the more inventive the better! I hate when a polish comes with a a number, rather than a name. A name conjures up an image, makes the colour come alive, and hints at the creativity of the people who designed it. It’s not JUST a colour. I must confess to owning Skin Tight Denim Creme, mentioned in the article above. And it’s a great colour, and I love that it has a wacky name. Another of my favourites is Bermuda Shorts by Essie, a matte magenta. I say, hooray for silly, funky names!



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Holo? Is it me you’re looking for?

I know the very lovely Molto Fashion has already blogged about this polish, but I was dying to wear it recently so I thought I might as well take some pictures while I was at it. I love this polish – it’s a more muted holo than those by China Glaze and Nfu-Oh (someday, I will afford Nfu-Oh. I only know of these from other nail polish blogs). It actually looks silver most of the time, unless light is shining directly on it, or you tilt your hand sideways. I used four coats but no top-coat, because apparently top-coats can dull the holo effect. Some people use the sandwich technique to seal the colour – i.e. base coat, holo, top coat, more holo.

these were taken at night, in artificial night, still pretty holo-rrific.

here’s one taken outdoors in natural sunshine…

aaaaaand finally a close-up ~

Yet again, I forgot to take a picture of the bottle! Well, here are the details: I used one coat of Essence Colour & Go nail polish in 01 Absolute Pure, followed by four (pretty thin) coats of Milani Nail Lacquer 3D Holographic in 509 HD. It cost me about $4.95 and I got it in CVS in Greenwich Village, NYC. CVS, I miss your bargain polishes!

In other news, I got to Superdrug in Enniskillen today and brought home a little haul, including two Barry M polishes – squee! (okay, my sister did, but I will rob them for a future manicure).

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old faithful

Hello saturday. There’s actually a hint of sunshine here today, it’s quite bizarre… I had forgotten what it looked like! I’m going to a christening this evening (it’s outdoors so rain, please, PLEASE, stay away) so I wanted to wear a colour that was pretty but also demure. In the end, I settled for one of my favourite old-timers, NYC Classic Coral Creme. I used to wear this a lot when my nails were very short  – it’s ideal for short nails because it’s quite sheer. This time I used a whopping FIVE coats to avoid any visible nail line. It’s an unusal colour, a shimmery pink that isn’t quite glittery, but almost. It is not as orangey as the photos suggest – it’s really hard to capture this colour. Here is the requisite picture 🙂

and another with the bottle (excuse the blur!) ~

…and finally a close-up. Check out how tightly packed the shimmery bits are. Awesome!

I bought the polish in New York, probably in Duane Reade, and it cost a paltry 99c. It bugs me when I go to pharmacies here in Ireland and find the same NYC polishes selling for e3.80, which is a full three-euro mark-up. Highway robbery! Anyway, hurrah for pretty pink nails 😀

~ nua eabhrac

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The Tale of a Terrible Topcoat…

… and a great colour that was ruined by said topcoat.

New York Color in Grand Central Station, I curse thee! *shakes fist*

The color I’m wearing is beautiful, a deep rose red by Wet n Wild named, rather cleverly, Red Red. I applied three coats, then decided to go balls to the wall and add a topcoat of NYC. I had an NYC topcoat in the past, and it did terrible, unspeakable things to my nails. But, as already mentioned, the balls were to the wall and I wanted shiny nails. They were gorgeous for the rest of that evening, and I hoped to have escaped the curse of NYC clear topcoats. Until…


I actually heard the first chip come off my nails, after an unforeseeable collision with a door. But it wasn’t a fluke… it happened throughout the day, until nearly every nail had some chipping and/or tipwear. Hence the “le sigh”.

Here’s a picture of my nails in all their rose glory last night.

On a happier note, I went to Sligo’s only beauty supply store today and found – of all things – China Glaze! Like, the China Glaze that is all but impossible to find on the island of Manhattan. Who knew Sligo could be such a treasure trove of good nail polish? Me, that’s who. I am very impressed.

Now, I’m off to mourn the former glory of my nails… and decide what colour to paint them next. Ciao!

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About Effing Time!

I’ve been very lax of late, thinking “ooh, I really should blog about XYZ” but never manage to get around to it. Pure laziness. And moving from New York back to Ireland kinda got in the way as well.


Here are my nails today. I’m wearing a polish called Sheer Blue by W7, a brand I’d never heard of until I came home and found it lying around at the computer, henceforth known as Manicure Headquarters (because I watch old eps of the Colbert Report while I do my nails. Talk about multitasking). Anyway, I tried it and LOVED IT. It’s a kind of blue that belongs to skies and childhood toys. I had to do 4 coats, with no base or top. It’s available in pharmacies (well, Cara Pharmacy in Sligo at least) for only e1.49. Major bargain.


p.s. it’s getting hard to type. I should probably file back my nails but I’m obsessed with the novelty of long nails. They make every polish pretty!

Goldblum – out.

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