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Friendly Friends

A friend of mine has recently sparked up an interest in nail art. This is brilliant for me, too, as it means a whole other set of polishes and nail trinkety bits that I can borrow 😉 She also gave the incredible birthday present of an ENORMOUS Konad set. And when I say ENORMOUS, I truly mean ENORMOUS.



Anyway, enough bragging! Today I want to showcase some of the kickass freehand nail art my friend Lisa has been busying herself with lately.

her first ever nail art attempt!

racing stripes

pink dots with an orange Kiko base

blue leopard with a zebra print thumb

orange base with sky blue, yellow and red overlapping dots

stripes and dots

Lisa's first Konadicure

alternating lime green and white leopard print

stripes and dots (American flag-esque?)

pink and silver (ingeniously done by placing dots of pink crackle polish, which then crack and expand to resemble flowers)

homage to Wah Nails

yellow twirl

red dotty

I love the way Lisa rocks funky nail art on short, well-kept nails – proving you don’t need inch-long talons to pull off daring nail art. In fact, I think the wilder the nail art, the better it looks on shorter nails. Playing ukulele so frequently means I need to keep my nails neat and trimmed – but it’s no excuse to not jazz up my nails. I tried out Konad for the first time yesterday. Well, the first PROPER time… excluding all the times I tried different designs on every nail and made a terrible mess. I used Konad plate M60 with Konad special black polish, over a base of NYC Polyester Pink Creme.

first Konad

love the flower pattern... think I'll be using this quite a bit

Now, after all those nails – a breather! Here’s a musician I’ve been listening to a lot recently, Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer. He’s a deliberately ‘posh’ hip-hop banjolele player. Instead of singing about beer goggles he has his own version – the Sherry Monocle. Enjoy!

Sigh… I love a musician with a sense of humour!

Now, I want to leave with a link to Lisa’s Facebook page. Not her personal one, silly, though she is very friendly and would probably accept if you asked 😛 Lisa runs her own graphic design business and you can check out her work here – her designs are infused with as much flair and funkiness as her nail art. Go check it out!

Happy Sunday!



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