Tacky, Wacky or Cool? Questionable Nails…

There are many nail trends that I’m on the fence about. Like anything influenced by fashion, the nail world can get it so very right sometimes… and sometimes, so very wrong. So here are a few of the trends I’m not entirely sure about.

Nail Piercing

I recall this being popular when I was a young un, around the time cutesy girls wore butterfly clips in their glitter-sprayed hair, and Mandy Moore crooned inappropriately about her craving for candy. I never really understood this trend – doesn’t it weaken your nails? And how often do you have to re-pierce? Do you just cut if off when you get bored? And wouldn’t it catch in your hair and your clothes? What if it caught in someone else’s hair or clothes? So many questions.

would you?

I was searching for suitable pictures of nail piercing, thinking it would be all old photos I’d get – apparently not, though. It’s still going strong in some quarters, with the little rings now referred to as “nail dangles”.

nice nails... but does the piercing add anything?

So, would you add a dangleberry to YOUR nails? Or is this a 90s trend that should be firmly locked away with hair mascara and your Carter Twins tapes? (don’t pretend that you didn’t…)

J-Spark decided to wear her jewellery on her nails

Nicole Richie takes nail rings to a whole new level

3D Nail Art

This is a trend that is very much alive and kicking, albeit mainly south of the Equator. 3D Nail Art does what it says on the tin – it’s nail decorations that sit on your nails, accumulating into little mountains of kawaii Hello Kitty madness, if that’s your style.

eh... can someone open the tin of Batchelors for me?

This kind of nail art is frequently displayed at competitions and trade events. Honestly, the crazier the better. Have a peep at some of the competitors from a recent European nail competition.




super wow

Mad, no? So, would you partake in this trend? It seems a bit impractical to me. I remember an episode of some talk show, maybe Ricki Lake, and she was interviewing this woman whose nails were so long she had to make her bed using only her elbows. She did it pretty well, actually. So maybe there are ways around it? Disclosure: I also once attempted to make my bed with my elbows. It is NOT as easy as it sounds.

much frustration involved in making a bed using only your elbows

Couple more pictures of 3D nail art before we move onto our next questionable trend…

pimp my... nails?

careful! you'll poke your eye out with those things!

French Manicure

Ah, this is always a contentious one. There will forever be advocates of the nude nail with the white tip. As for me… I didn’t mind them for a long time. I actually sort of admired them. All the well turned-out ladies had them, especially for occasions like weddings and christenings and big Saturday nights out. It just seemed like the de facto “classy” nail. And when it’s done right, the French can look very classy.

see, that's not too bad

The term “French Manicure” was first trademarked by Orly in the late 1970s, but the style is thought to have originated from 18th century Paris. Unfortunately, I think the style has now been taken too far… and Parisian chic has been replaced by garish, white-tipped common blech.

perfect wedding nails? umm, no thanks...

can you see Coco Chanel sporting these megawatt tips? me neither.

sorry - just not for me!

the nail art is kinda cute - but still no

Brit Brit really encapsulates the classiness of this trend

Okay, I’m sorry – I know there are plenty of you out there who like the French manicure, and can achieve much prettier versions of it than the ones I’ve posted above. And to you – I salute you! But I don’t think this trend is for me…

Stiletto Nails

This is one trend I am still very much on the fence about. Stiletto nails is basically a fancy name for really long pointy nails. They can look fantastic on some people, like Lady Gaga and Fergie –


...and yes

– but it’s a trend that can easily look silly. Here are some wackier examples –


convenient for... letter-opening?

not recommended for children's birthday parties - "oh shit, another balloon... sorry..."

This is still a relatively new trend, and there’s still plenty of time for it to take off. I would recommend proceeding with caution, literally and figuratively, those things are weapons! And they can look stunning, worn properly. Just take care not to look like this.

ah... shoulda listened to New York Lady...

So tell me ladies, what your take? Would you try any of the trends above? Have I been too mean about the French? Spill!




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13 responses to “Tacky, Wacky or Cool? Questionable Nails…

  1. I never thought I would say this, but actually the pointy manicure looks good on Fergie… Especially painted that color, they actually look nice! I’m loving the tips with the 3d art- i love the way Rihanna wears it- she sticks a little bow charm on her nail, and it looks adorable! haha- the nails at the end are scaryyy!! xD xD

  2. yeah the beige pointy nails look really good! wonder if they’re real or fakes?

    haha, Wicked Witch nails would be great for Halloween though πŸ˜€

  3. No. To most of the above. I’m just getting used to nail polish making nails feel heavyish, cannot imagine them being weighed down with a small mansions worth of jewellery or a 2euroshops worht of plastic.

    And I haaate really square french manicures. Bleugh.

    I feel as if someone should look at me and go ‘Soo, opinionated much?’

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  5. L-O-L! This was a laugh, thank God, my BF pissed me off just before I started to read this. And it’s like I wrote it down. Seriously, I agree with you on just about every aspect of the entry. With two minor changes for my taste: 1. I don’t like french manicure. I know a lot of people love it, i don’t. I like the fact that a normal FM will make one look clean, you know, like they are taking care of their hands and stuff. Won’t mean I like the manicure per se. πŸ™‚
    Second: i don’t think pointy nails look good on anyone (i can’t imagine Fergie with holo or bright red polish on those), and the lower pictures are an abomination. πŸ˜‰ But that’s the only two things, I’d adjust, otherwise I can just sign your entry. Which is awesome, I’ll say it again. πŸ˜€

    • awww *glows* thank you!! I totally agree with you, French manicures are the Devil’s work. But I know some people who swear by them, so I try to keep my offending to a minimum, haha πŸ˜‰

  6. I am a beginning nail artist, and so I love the french manicure and it’s variations, though I agree many can look tacky. I also love the nail piercing, as you can usually get the ‘dangles’ that have a necklace closure type clasp, so you can easily clip the charms on and off, hence avoiding ripping your nail when washing up or making your bed! I think it is most suited to a special occasion.
    For me, I love medium length nails, with gorgeous hand painted nail art, and maybe some rhinestones here and there ^^

  7. Jen Fruge

    Ok..so I have marbled acrylic nails and just change the colors every time and I love them. The only thing that I would ever wear in these pictures are the frenchs and that’s only if my nail lady ran out of color lol

  8. Tokyo-Doll

    The pointy ones are just too creepy..

  9. Gemma

    Whilst I’m all for acrylic nails and nail art… I must say I don’t fancy some of the 3D art shown here. Talk about tacky and over the top! Alright a small amount is passable. VERY! Few people can pull off Stilletto nails and if you ain’t one of them then they just look plain scary. Keep it simple I say.

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