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Nails and Things: October 2010

*races breathlessly back from real life to adhere to loosely-made promise that I may or may not be regretting*

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first instalment of my 35,000 part series, Better Know a Manicure Nails and Things! In this segment I will collect emerging trends, crazy new products and pretty nail art ideas, along with a deluge of picture spam. So, here we go!


Oh, oops. I have no idea how that found its way in there. What a kerfuffle! Anyway, on to the nails!


When I first heard about this new nail polish, via an article on, I slobbered all over my computer keyboard. It was pretty disgusting. But take a look at the AWESOMEST of AWESOME nail polishes.


Isadora Graffiti nails is a special top coat. You apply it over a bright, contrasting base coat, then you wait a minute, and slowly the top coat snaps, crackles and pops away to leave a shattered glass effect on your nails. There are videos of this on YouTube, and it’s pretty cool to watch. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Word on the street is that it will be available in Ireland sometime in October. It comes in six different colours, but I think black is the one I’m most eager to get my hands on. Flippin’ class.


The very pretty Molto Fashion has JUST MENTIONED this new trend here, so go check that out before you read my blather. I just want to emphasise how brilliant this nail trend is. It’s a simple way to make your nails stand out, AND it’s perfect when you can’t decide what colour to paint your nails (just use every colour!).

Rimmel Skittles, via L'

China Glaze Skittles, via

Essie Skittles, via


Nerd alert! I love that soon it will be Hallowe’en, giving me the flimsy excuse to paint lovely spooky things on my nails all in the name of being festive. My nail art skills leave a lot to be desired, though, so I’m hoping some shops will stock little decals or nail stickers in Hallowe’en themes. Claire’s get on it pronto, please! By the way, if you Konad, this is the perfect time to whip out those plates and get stamping. I’m writing my letter to Santa soon, and a Konad set will be very near the top…

Hallowe'en Konad statement nail, via

The above is pretty much the perfect Hallowe’en nail art for grown-ups. Subtle but quirky, and easy to do. Thumbs up, polish-lounge!


Um, impossible to recreate with freehand, right? Wrong! There’s a tutorial for each design right here! Still think you’d need a steady hand though…

And, if you can’t get your head around nail art, or feel too grown-up to wear it in public (who ARE you? get off my blog this INSTANT!), there are loads of deep, autumn colours (e.g. gold foil, black with red glitter a la Eyeko Vampira, shimmery browns… etc etc) that would work instead. And there’s always black!

black for Hallowee'n? ah go on then...


Hmm, I feel an urge to pic-spam… First, let me explain. As I blogged about before, duochrome nail polish is one that changes colour (usually flickering between 2 distinct colours) according to the way light is shining on it. So what’s multichrome? Need I explain? An explosion of different colours, that’s what! Slaver. The most amazing ones I’ve come across recently have been MAC Venomous Villains Maleficent Nail Lacquer (inspired by Disney) and Orly’s brand new Cosmic FX range. Examples…

feast your eyes!! (via

pretty... (also via

Oops, just saw that does not want her images hotlinked – I strongly recommend you all click on this link to her post on the entire Venomous Villains collection, the products are breathtaking. Do it please! And now, Orly Cosmic FX…

the collection, via

Space Cadet, via

the incredible Lunar Eclipse, via

Phew. Is that enough nails and things for now? Okay, I will leave you with one last little thing – a super-fast and super-cute tutorial for daisy nails.

goodnight readers!



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Emerald Isle

The island of Ireland highlighted on a blank m...

hello from Ireland!

Hey hey!

I had planned a major blogfest this evening but unfortunately got sidetracked – I promise I will make amends tomorrow though. In the mean time, here is the the first green I’ve worn in along time – Rimmel Play Fast 800 Camouflage.

Now, being Irish, green is like my soul colour, right? Em, no. Actually I’ve shied away from wearing green on my nails, for no real reason other than indifference. But I came across a sale in Cara Pharmacy on Rimmel cosmetics and found this pretty bottle nestling among a bunch of boring ones.

green on green

… and I knew I had to have it.


grass pictures are fast becoming my signature

I then tried it with a matte top-coat from Claire’s, and here is a side-by-side comparison:



When I took these photos, I was reminded of the Father Ted episode Chirpy Burpy Cheap Sheep, where photos of one sheep are compared side by side, and Ted proclaims “It’s like two completely different sheep!”. Hee hee. Watch the episode here.

Rimmel Camouflage is a gorgeous emerald green shimmer with flecks of silver and gold that really pop in the sunlight. Beautiful, beautiful colour!! Apparently this shade is very similar to OPI Rainforest, which was discontinued a while back and is very sought after among nail polish aficionados. I used my Rimmel base-coat, 2 coats of Camouflage, and a topcoat of Essence Absolute Pure.

And then, for Friday Nail Art… this happened.

an ickle watermelon!

I really like this, I have to admit. It was really simple to do, and it’s subtle in terms of nail art. I painted the top section with one coat of Wet n Wild Wild Shine Red Red, and covered that with one coat of NYC 130A Classic Coral Creme. Then I added black dots with W7 Black, and finished the edge with a swipe of Rimmel Camouflage. Then one coat of Essence 01 Absolute Pure – and dunzo! All in about 5 minutes. Easy peasy.

More, tomorrow – I promise!

~ nua eabhrac


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Magnificent Ruffians

Image via Wikipedia

Hello peeps. As my faithful Facebook followers might have already noticed, I’ve begun posting pics of my DIY nail art attempts once a week. I call it Friday Nail Art. Catchy, right? Soo much better than Thursday nail art. Today’s picture showcases my attempt at the wildly popular (in the esoteric world of nail polish fanatics) Ruffian manicure.

The Ruffian manicure gets its name from the New York fashion label Ruffian which, according to its website, “smashes archetypes and rebuilds them slightly askew.” Right then. So what made the nail polish world sit up and take notice of this label? Their show at New York Fashion Week in February this year, of course. Creative Nail Design (CND) polished up the nails of every model on the Ruffian catwalk in mad reverse-moon manicures. Like so.

bad a$$ nails

This look has been recreated by nail bloggers much more sophisticated than I. And I will provide links in due course. First though – my attempt.

the silver base

I decided to go for a silver/black combo. Mainly because I just bought this GORRRRRGEOUS (no exaggeration there) silver foil polish, Essence Multi Dimension 19 Rock n Roll. As usual, I applied my Rimmel Stronger Try Harder base coat. I did 2 coats of the silver because I knew there was some serious layering ahead of me. I’d recommend 3 coats for perfect, even coverage. And then… I applied the black…

could be neater... practice practice practice!

For the black, I used W7 Nail Polish no.28  Black (top marks for the name there, W7. A real mindbender). I had to be careful applying this because the formula is pretty thick and the brush edge was a little uneven. Boo W7. I mean, it’s hard enough trying to make a straight edge, but when there’s a rogue brush-hair sticking out, thwarting your fantasies of perfect DIY nails? Baaaaad W7.

(Okay, I’ll stop complaining now, because it was only €1.50, and the day I bought it there was 20% off everything in the shop.)

I stuck a coat of Essence Colour & Go 01 Absolute Pure on the top, just for the laugh. I know the traditional Ruffian style is to mattify the darker colour, but I had it on good faith that the glossy look was preferable.

NOTE: If you do want to use a matte top-coat, ONLY paint the darker colour!! Do not touch the silver/gold half-moon. I tried it and trust me, it looked like shiz.


So that’s the Ruffian look!

Now here are some bloggers who do it better than me:

Lacquerized is like the QUEEN of nail polish. Her Ruffian nails are the Holy Grail, and the ones I modelled mine on. Note the resemblance. Ha.

Lisa Nails did a brilliant reproduction of the Ruffian nail in the CND picture above.

The Lacquer Files has a great tutorial on how to get the perfect Ruffian nail.

And finally, Scrangie mixes it up with different colour combinations and striking results.

Enjoy ladies (and, er, lads, if you are a lad and happen to be reading this), and have a delightful weekend!

~ nua eabhrac


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“Mauve is just pink trying to be purple.” – James Whistler, artist

Oscar Wilde student

young Oscar, disapproving of his placement in this blog

The above is a quote I found while reading the Wikipedia entry for mauve, looking for some inspiration for this post. Mauve is a pretty controversial colour, apparently – “Mauve became very popular in the 1890s and became associated with homosexuality because well known figures in the art world during that decade were gay such as author Oscar Wilde and artist Aubrey Beardsley.” Ooo-er missus! Another useless factoid – in the BBC series, Doctor Who, mauve is the universal colour for danger. And mauve is commonly used in stage lighting to create a sunset effect. Here was me thinking mauve was just another shade on the pink/red spectrum.

So today’s colour is yet ANOTHER Miss Sporty, and my last one for a while – mainly because they’re not available in Sligo (I need Enniskillen or Galway for my fix) but really mainly because I have to stop buying nail polish for a while. A little while. It’s reaching epidemic levels in the house.

This shade is named Vintage and is from their Lasting Colour range. When I saw it in the shop I was underwhelmed – actually, it’s the ugly navy cap that puts me off the Lasting Colour range. It contrasts horribly with almost every colour and does no justice to the great nail polish inside. I decided to give this one a go because, on second glance, it did look like a pretty colour…

(sorry about the blurry craposity of this pic)

…. and yay! I wasn’t completely wrong!

It was beautifully opaque and took 2 coats for full coverage, and the formula… well, let’s just say it went on like butter, like BUTTAH (semi-obscure reference). It also wore well. I think I may have hit on a good base-coat/top-coat combination. As mentioned before, I use Rimmel London Stronger Try Harder Double Duty Base Coat, which cost about €5. I don’t always use a top-coat, but when I need extra gloss I use Essence Colour & Go 01 Absolute Pure, which was a pocket-friendly €1.29.

soooo vaaahhhntaaaaage

bought these in Paris.... ya I did...

I love love love this colour, I couldn’t stop admiring my nails!! And I was sad to take it off but hey, I get bored easily…

I’ve been sick for the past few days and have been in dire need of cheering up. One thing that helps is looking at recent photos of happier, HEALTHIER times!! Here is one of my favourites, the seal release in Strandhill a couple of weeks ago. I think it merits a click.

Ciao readers 🙂 xo

awww *warms heart*

~ nua eabhrac


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Berry Nice To Meet You


Image via Wikipedia

I have a serious backlog of manicures to get through, AND I’ve become dangerously enamoured with DIY nail art, so this blog will need to be updated on a more frequent basis… perhaps with neater, less rambly posts. So let’s give it a go!

This is another beauty from the Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours range (which I already adore) with the pretty name of Blue Berry.

out in the garden

It’s a rather bizarre colour, and true to its name – it looked purple initially, then it would seem more blue, then more purple… and the pictures don’t do a great job of conveying this :S




Matte! (hah, didn't see that one coming, didya?)

In my opinion, it looks a little more purple with the matte top-coat. Ain’t it pretty though? The matte top-coat came from Claire’s Accessories (wait, is it still called that? Or did they drop the “Accessories” bit the same day I got my pensioner’s bus pass and first set of false teeth. Sigh). It was a leeeetle bit bubbly, but that may be due in part to my enthusiastic application, as if a thicker layer will make it *that bit more* matte. Claire’s was the only shop in Sligo that stocked matte top-coats. Madness, nach ea? Well, I guess we are a little slow to catch onto nail polish trends…

Ah balls, I made this post just as messy and rambly as the last few. Feckit. Pretty picture time! Byeee!

last of the summer roses

~ nua eabhrac


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Quick Addendum to Nail Inspiration Part I: Katy Perry

Did I not totally call this one the other day? How Katy Perry has been quiet on the mad manicure front, especially since she shacked up with Russell Brand. Well… check this out.


Katy Perry got her boyfriend Minxed onto her nails for the MTV Video Music Awards last night! Apparently it’s the anniversary of their love, or so her twitter page declares.

First of all – ew.

Second – Eh, no.

Third – Really? Really? Your boyfriend? On your nails? Really? Even if I was engaged to the person, I’d find it a tad creepy. Putting her cat on her nails was cute ~

Kitty Purry

… but Russell Brand? Someone call Alanis Morrisette, we need to add a lyric to her song “Ironic”. KP, man up, and quit having your life revolve around your boyfriend! It’s so very uncool.

~ nua eabhrac


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Taupe of the Class

From Dusk till Dawn (soundtrack)

Image via Wikipedia

Right, hands up who hasn’t tried (or wanted to try) wearing taupe this season. Anybody? No?

Didn’t think so. Taupe is HOT right now.

I’ve been searching for the right shade since I came back to Ireland (note to self: should have bought one in New York) and it took me weeks, WEEKS! Finally, I alighted upon Catrice 200 From Dusk To Dawn in an obscure pharmacy in Sligo.

out in the garden

Is this not a sexy colour, I ask you? I couldn’t stop admiring my nails. I used three coats; no top-coat necessary because the finish is seriously glossy. And it wore beautifully for 5 days.

indoors... check out the shine!

I’m obsessed with this polish. Have some more photo spam.

what I'm reading at the moment

taunting the inferior Rimmel Grey Matter

Eh yeah, I reckon that’s plenty 😉

Catrice From Dusk to Dawn is a cool, mushroom taupe – there are so many shades of taupe out there, it’s friggin’ ridiculous. Catrice do 2 similar taupes, Clay-ton My Hero and Lost in Mud. OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques is a classic taupe, and China Glaze add a little sparkle to the mixture with the gorgeous Ingrid. And, of course, no taupe comparison sentence is complete without a mention of Essie’s Chinchilly (which I am lemming in a MAJOR way). I suppose I should also mention Chanel’s Particuliere, which spearheaded the recent taupe craze. Seriously though, €30 (which it’s currently selling on eBay for) on a bottle of nail polish ? Madness!

I’m perfectly happy with my €2.79 bottle of glossy, creamy, taupey Catrice 😀

~ nua eabhrac

(Ahem… P.S. – the corner photos all come from the Zemanta app, which I have now figured out. Go me.)


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