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Pink Flamingo

Hey readers,

This weeks nail polish of choice of Kiko Nail Lacquer 288 Rosa Fenicottero, which translates to Pink Flamingo. The lovely Molto Fashion included this in a Christmas present for me a few months ago so I’m really excited to present this to you guys – a polish both I and Molto Fashion give the thumbs up to.

indoors (please excuse gross hangnail)


in the grass

Rosa Fenicottero is a deep pink creme, which is almost opaque in one coat. I gave it two coats for the above pictures, with a base coat and no top coat. The wear on this was pretty good too, despite manic ukulele-playing and frequent dishwashing.

So, I added a bit of art to my thumb. My poor thumbs have a weird shape (apparently there’s a genetic condition which fits the description perfectly… but, you know, who wants a genetic condition? And it totally does not run in my family, female side only. *cough*). Anyway, they’re weird looking, so I like to pamper them a bit.

first version - kinda rubbish

second version - an improvement


So for the daisies I used the Essence Tip Painter, a yellow nail art lacquer from Forever 21, and Essence Colour & Go 18 Check Me Out for the stalks.

Here’s a real daisy in my garden, taken earlier today ~

so I have a thing for daisies...

I have a truly bee-yoo-dee-ful colour for my next post, a delectable jelly from 17’s newest nail polishes. So delicious I could practically eat it! Mmm, jelly…

‘Til next time!




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Violet Femme

Good morning blog-readers!

What a gorgeous day it is outside, I just went out to pick some daffodils and it’s warm, actually WARM out there. Spring, I love you. Here’s what I was wearing on my nails last week, one of the 17 polishes I am currently extolling in the side-bar: 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish in Parma Violet.



le obligatory closeup

with some seeds I'm planning to plant once April arrives *checks date, not yet, antsy*

Like last week with the matte topcoat, I wanted to experiment with this colour. I added small white polka dots with Essence Tip Painter, and covered it with one coat of Claire’s Matte Top-Coat. Make sure you wait until the polka dots are completely dry, if you’re trying this, otherwise the topcoat will make the colour run.

crappy picture, taken with flash under artificial light, but you get the idea...

I think I applied three coats of Parma Violet for the maximum opacity. I’ve taken to omitting a gloss top-coat, because it leaves all polishes with exactly the same finish. I kind of like the uniqueness of every finish. Parma Violet’s finish is a dull gloss, which reminds me of royal icing a little bit.

Spring is here! Two things – the gorgeous daffodils in my kitchen…

I can go one better than Wordsworth and smell these beauties (apparently he was anosmic, who knew?! QI did. That's where I heard it. Ahem.)

… and… my sentient lettuce!

has a mind of its own

I planted it about ten days and it’s growing like mad, it keeps following the sunshine. One day I had to turn it three times because it kept bending towards the light. I keep imagining I’ll wake up some night to find a giant lettuce towering over me, ready to wreak revenge for all the times I forced it away from the light. AAAAAAAnyway.

Now begins the dilemma as to what colour to paint my nails next…

ciao readers!



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Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Daoibh! (Happy St. Patrick’s Day!)

Today is our national holiday, and I’m honouring it with my annual tradition of the Paddy’s Day manicure.

In previous years I was mad for painting the tri-colour on every nail, which looked both over-the-top and sloppy, as well as just a TEENSY bit overzealous. This year, I decided to go for an unusual green with a statement nail. I did a tri-colour flag on both my thumbnails, and painted the other nails with a mermaidy, shimmer-packed sea green.

natural sunlight, indoors

in full morning sunlight, outside

indoors, natural light, statement nail

close-up of statement nail

This was actually entirely an Essence manicure, apart from the matte top-coat. I used Essence  Colour & Go 38 Choose Me for most of my nails – it’s sort of a jelly with a translucent green base, packed to the rafters with gold, green and turquoise micro-shimmer particles. It leaves a clean, non-gritty finish. I only used two coats above; a glossy top-coat would work perfectly and give depth to the colour.

For my thumb, I used two coats each of Essence Colour & Go 18 Check Me Out (green), Essence tip-painter (white) and Essence Multi Dimension 60 Watch Out! (orange). To top it off (and because I love the effect a matte top-coat has over nail art) I added one coat of Claire’s Matte Top Coat.

So that was my St. Patrick’s Day manicure! Want to see some pictures from the parade? Yeah you do… I was very excited to go to it this year because I’ve been out of the country for the past two years, and I really missed our humble festivities in Sligo.

obligatory (and first of many) pipe band

miniature St. Patrick

Samboeire, Sligo's own samba band

Strandhill bus... part of Coolera Dramatic Society's entry

old tractor

Okay, when I’m uploading pictures of tractors I know it’s about time to retire the photo-uploader for the day…

Hope you are all having a spectacular day!



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A Few of My Favourite Things

A Few of My Favourite Things
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

For no apparent reason, I decided to treat you to an amuse-bouche of delightful male faces. Clockwise from top left: Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Robert Pattinson, Colin Firth (Mr. Darcy, swooooon) and Patrick Dempsey

Now, off and be merry!





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Diary of a Lazy Blogger

Hello readers (um, if I have any left!),

It’s been so long since I blogged here. I think it’s partly due to my enormous talent at procrastinating, as well as my newfound interest in knitting and the ukulele. I also completed a course in Permaculture Design, so there will be a lot more grass and flower-related pictures to come. Part of it, too, was my waning (gasp!) interest in nail polish. I wasn’t finding polishes that excited me, and I have so many colours already that it was hard discovering new ones. Sligo isn’t exactly a mecca for new and exotic cosmetics either (not even Barry M!). Nonetheless, I have a few new polishes I want to show off a bit. First though, I will guide you through the past few weeks with some photos…

Essence Choose Me, a beautiful dupe of Zoya Charla

Barry M Nail Effects over a rainbow of colours

another skittle manicure topped with Barry M Nail Effects (the thumb is bare, by the way)

practising uke in my pjs (New York Color Polyester Pink Creme on my nails)

Barry M Gold (?) with Barry M Nail Effects... and a Christmas decoration

Wet n Wild 2% Milk (one of my favourite colours)

a daisy design I did for my sister (green = Essence Check Me Out, yellow = LA Colors Art Deco yellow, white = Essence tip painter

my sister's new baby rabbit, Aurelia Eris

Sunday drive out to Glencar waterfall, Co. Leitrim

Glencar again (kind of looks like a misty English moor)

garden snowdrops

my new band, Lily's Rigid Heart

in Dublin, pre-election

Matt Cardle at the X Factor Tour in the O2, Dublin (was chaperone to cousin & friend, I had fun being an honorary 15 year old for the day!)

(half-price!) Catrice 60 Seconds Nail Couture 200 Vibrant Violet

the first daffodils of the Spring

my first knitted tea-cosy... it's supposed to resemble a cupcake

No. 7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour, 110 Betty Blues (it looked more sparkly and pretty in the bottle...)

my wee nail polish collection (well, some of it)

I have another post to follow (with plenty more pictures, yay for photo spam!) and the polish I’m wearing today, which is a pinkish lavender and very Spring appropriate. Have you twigged yet how excited I am that it’s Spring? Sunshine, flowers, slightly warmer temperatures! Yeow!

Until later…


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