Honey, I’m Duochrome

Retro polish alert!

I found this polish – Rimmel 60 Seconds Vinyl Shine no.875 Zeitgeist – hanging around the house recently. It was a birthday present my sister received many, many years ago. In fact, I remember the birthday party, lots of tween girls racing around the house knocking over things and eating all the sweets. Good times. Well, the bottle and the polish are in perfect condition, so I dusted it off and gave it a lash. The duochrome-y-ness is pretty FREAKING awesome.

(indoor claw)

(indoor duochrome)

(natural light)

(outdoor close-up)

How pretty is it? It’s a dark purple aubergine colour most of the time, but tilt your nails and it turns a bronze colour with shades of green. It applied perfectly, lasted for several days, and was generally FIERCE. I wonder if Rimmel still make it?

~ nua eabhrac



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2 responses to “Honey, I’m Duochrome

  1. omg how cool is this duochrome effect!! Gorgeous polish!

  2. thanks Schneevante! It was a lucky find 🙂

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