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Ho Ho Christmas, My Christmas Tree’s Delicious…

It’s Christmas!! Christmas Christmas Christmas!!

*spins around in happy frantic circles like a puppy*

I’m really relishing the long road up to Christmas – for most of my life, it’s been marred by exams or work, and I often end up sitting down on Christmas morning thinking “well, that was a gyp”. So this year, responsibility-free, I am milking Christmas for all it’s worth. I plan to go holly and ivy picking this weekend. Deck the halls!

Anyhow – regarding the post title – If you haven’t heard that lyric before, I suggest you listen to Lady GaGa’s amazeballs Christmas song, Christmas Tree. It has been stuck in my head since mid November. Here’s a linky!

*edit – ugh Youtube won’t let me embed the video because it contains stupid content from UMG. Gah. UMG is getting coal from Santa this Christmas*

I’ve been so excited to try out Christmas nail art. I couldn’t make my mind up on what to paint on them, so I tried out a few different designs – one on each nail. Here’s what happened:

Christmas nails!

Here are the polishes I used:

Thumb –  Wet n Wild Red Red, and Essence Tip Painter (white)

Index finger – Essence Multi Dimension 19 Rock n Roll (silver), and Wet n Wild Red Red

Middle finger – Essence Colour & Go 18 Check Me Out (base green), Rimmel Play Fast 800 Camouflage (tree green), and Wet n Wild Red Red. Also nicked a little star from a bottle of Yssy Nail Polish (no name, but is clear with holographic hex glitter and holographic stars)

Ring finger – Essence Multi Dimension 64 Trendsetter (teal green), and Essence Multi Dimension 19 Rock n Roll (silver)

Baby finger – Wet n Wild Red Red as a base coat, followed by 2 coats of W7 Nail Polish 2 Red Dazzle.

Time for some pic spam – warning, my cuticles are just… well, you were warned.

candy stripe thumb

red and silver Ruffian

Christmas tree (shoulda defined the edges better... hmmm...)

falling snow (on inexplicably teal background)

it wouldn't be Christmas without a bit of glitter

my Christmas nail polish stash

new polish no. 1 - W7 Red Dazzle

new nail polish no. 2 - Yssy unnamed

Another combination I tried this week is a straight-forward, one nail green, one nail red pattern – for this I used Rimmel Camouflage and Wet n Wild Red Red (which is THE perfect Christmas red, as you might have guess from my copious usage of it in the above photos).

Are you guys going to try out nail art this Christmas? Or will you be sticking to metallics and glitters?

P.s. the weather here has been MAAAAD altogether. Check out my front lawn, earlier this week.


… and the weather forecast on the RTE website…

tonight -11 degrees, eeep.

But my little pup pup could care less because it means she gets to stay in my room at night 🙂

my smelly but beautiful dog






(Lady GaGa image credit:,



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Black Nail Polish Appreciation Week: W7 Cosmic Black

Hello readers!

It has been a while… I’ve been hiding under the rock of non-blogging for the past few weeks, finishing NaNoWriMo and getting used to the fact that it’s going to be dark and wintry for at least another two months. Anyhow, I’m back now and feeling festive!

Here is one of the new polishes W7 have brought out in time for Christmas – a whole range of sparkly glittery gorgeousness. This is W7 75 Cosmic Black. It is a black jelly with tiny silver glitter that dries to a semi-matte finish.

indoors in natural light

outdoors in natural light

indoors... snugglin up in a sweater

outdoor close-up

Check out the close-up… the polish is actually quite gritty, and feels like sandpaper when you run your hand over it. On the plus side, it means this polish dries in a matter of seconds. It also lasted well (it stays on like iron, it really does not want to come off). Another con is, like any glitter, this polish is HELL to take off. You need to set aside about half an hour, and a stack of patience, to get this off.

I tried a glossy top-coat as well, to see if it would soften the grittiness – and it did, to an extent.

natural light

glossy close-up

with me pink tights

… but, like the Princess and the Pea, I could still feel the grittiness beneath. Mind, I did only use one coat of the top-coat, because I foresaw the hell of removing it later.

Anyway, I really liked this polish, despite its glittery drawbacks. Thumbs up W7!

p.s. The December issue of Nails and Things is having some slight delays (um, blame the snow) but it will be up soon!



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