March Manicure Madness, Day Thirty One: Fuschia You

It’s the final day of my March Manicure Madness, and what a saga it has been. To document 31 manicures over a period of six weeks is no mean feat (for me). Fun, but it was a bit of a drag some days, to be honest. So, while April won’t be chock full of manicures, I will blog about every new polish I buy. Also whenever I get the urge to share adorable photos of my dog, which is pretty frequent at the moment.


The final polish for March Manicure Madness is from a brand I’d never even heard of before, let alone tried. Spotted it in my local pharmacy and was drawn in by the attractive price point (€3) and the pretty lace design on the cap. One swipe of my loyalty card, and a jingling exchange of coins later, and I was the new owner of this purdy thing.


Smooch is the brand, and 15 Fuschia is the name of the polish. It’s a jelly (my absolute favourite) – a translucent pink base that’s tightly packed with pink flaky shimmery bits. Three coats are a necessity – the opacity is achieved by layers of the shimmery bits, rather than the base. It’s quite eye-catching.




When I was taking these photos I noticed my sister’s Juicy Tubes lip gloss nearby, and the similarity was striking. Have a look-see.



It’s lasted quite well over the last three days, just some minor tip-wear. The more coats you apply, the less likely this is to happen.

So that’s that! *wipes off hands*

It’s goodbye from Rupert…


…and goodbye from me!


Nua Eabhrac


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