March Manicure Madness, Day Twenty Three: Paisean Faisean

Hello April! So, um, I didn’t quite hit my target of 31 manicures in 31 days. I do, however, have several undocumented manicures to show you, so I might as well press on, eh?

This is a brand new shade from Essence in their Colour & Go range, 87 Passion for Fashion (the post title contains the Irish translation, and a reference to the erstwhile tacky but eminently watchable TG4 dating show of the same name).


Passion for Fashion is a gorgeous, royal purple. In the photos it looks like more of a blue, or a blurple (heehee, “blurple”) but it’s actually pure purple in real life.




Sigh. Silly, colour-inaccurate phone. Let me grab a photo online to show you what it should look like.


Right, there you go, straight from Also found that even the lovely Nihrida had trouble photographing this little bugger (see here) which makes me feel a bit better.

And then I took a bottle photo among a nest of Easter chicks just for the hell of it.


The formula is creme, so coverage is even in two coats. Dried easily and lasted well. Another solid offering from Colour & Go!

Tomorrow, another new OPI… *quivers with excitement*


Nua Eabhrac



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4 responses to “March Manicure Madness, Day Twenty Three: Paisean Faisean

  1. OMG I love Paisean Faisean. I still don’t know how there haven’t been versions of it in all the other countries because it’s desperately cheesy and brilliant!! This is gorge, know what you mean about it being hard to photograph, I have the same problem with Barry M Indigo (always looks darker in pics). Loving the new Essence additions! Those chicks… cuteness!

    • The new Essence colours are fab! They’ve just added a pale lilac colour, which I definitely do NOT need to buy, but oh, the want is strong in me.

      I think they have Paisean Faisean reruns on TG4. If not, a petition will be made because that show was brilliant!! Cringey but brilliant…

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