March Manicure Madness, Day Twenty: French Matticure

Today, a shade from a colour family that is supposedly all the rage for spring/summer 2012 – neutral.


Sorry, I’m not the biggest fan of neutral nail colours, or the whole mannequin-hand effect. This polish caught my eye because it was half-price (shameless, I know) and because it has a matte finish. So here we have Essence French Matt 4 Pretty Matt…


Okay, it’s kind of cute. I concede defeat. It’s supposed to be the base for a full French manicure, white tips and all, but eff that shiz. I did three coats. Took a century to dry, and ruined three of my nails in the process. Oops!


It has a sort of royal icing type effect that I quite liked. I think I would wear this again. I think. I do like the colour, a very pale peachy-white.




So yah, slightly on the fence, but I wouldn’t kick it out of the bed for eating crisps.


Nua Eabhrac


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