March Manicure Madness, Day Seventeen: Somebody Please Tell Me Who The Eff I Is (Nicki Minaj)

All hail the most beauteous member of the OPI Nicki Minaj family of polishes – NL N17 Save Me.


This polish is absolutely stunning, it’s no wonder it’s selling out in Europe and the US. It’s a clear suspension base packed with silver microglitter, bright turquoise blue glitter bars, and holographic glitter bars. The holographic bars are mostly hidden by the silver glitter, but flash rainbow colours as you move your hands. Oh, I’m in love!


I wasn’t aiming for opacity so I just did two coats, over one coat of base. It could be layered over silver, or maybe black, but I think it’s gorgeous on its own.


It dries quickly and feels quite gritty to the touch. Apparently removal is easier than it looks, however, and I think I can see why – the silver glitter pieces are tiny, the base is relatively thick, and the glitter bars are quite fine. One thing about the bars is that they need a little bit of tidying after you paint your nail, otherwise they tend to stick up or hang over the edge of the nail. Details, details!




It’s beeyooodeefull! Top marks OPI, and Nicki Minaj.


Nua Eabhrac



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4 responses to “March Manicure Madness, Day Seventeen: Somebody Please Tell Me Who The Eff I Is (Nicki Minaj)

  1. ha. I read some RAVE reviews of this polish. Good to see it actually on real nails. Big fan of rainbow glitters, my fourteen year old self fell in love with a hard candy one in the fashion spread of J17 back in the day and I’ve been chasing that rainbow ever since.

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