March Manicure Madness, Day Fifteen: Chocolate Milk

The title of today’s post comes not from the name of the polish (which has a far less evocative moniker) but what its colour reminds me of – those Nesquik chocolate drinks that came in big yellow tubs. You would add several heaped spoons of it to a glass of cold milk and, hey presto, chocolatey goodness. There was a strawberry flavour, too, but I always preferred the chocolate version.


On to the polish, now, which is Essence Colour & Go 49 The Only Chance! Exclamation mark theirs, not mine. As if to convey a sense of urgency to the customer, “Hey, better buy me quick, before I sell out! Cos then you’ll be sorry!”. Um, no. Essence polishes always end up in the bargain bin, no offence to Essence – in fact I probably picked up this one at half price. If I had to name this polish, it would be called Chocolate Dreamboat.

like this… Kinda (via

Here’s what 2 coats look like…


The formula was quite thick but workable, and pretty heavily pigmented. The finish was a little dull, so a top coat wouldn’t hurt this manicure.




I like this colour for office-type-situations, but for me it’s a bit boring for everyday use.


Nua Eabhrac



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3 responses to “March Manicure Madness, Day Fifteen: Chocolate Milk

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  2. This reminds me of the W7 you got me last year, which I used to use all the time. I think it is time to use it all the time again.

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