March Manicure Madness, Day Nine: Snow White, Rose Red

I loved yesterday’s manicure (red is one of my favourite classic nail colours), so I modified to slightly to bring you today’s manicure. Red, with a floral accent.


This was inspired by the German fairy tale, Snow White and Rose Red, made famous by the Brothers Grimm. One of the many Well-Loved Tales books I consumed as a little one.

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I started off with yesterday’s manicure…


Then I removed the red from my ring finger and did one base coat, and one thick coat of opaque white polish (I used Essence Multi Dimension 68 Perfectly True).


I made tiny green leaves using Essence Colour & Go 18 Check Me Out. Then I added a dot of the same red polish (Essence Multi Dimension 77 Call It Fame) alongside a dot of pink polish (New York Color 111A Fuschia Shock Creme), and swirled them together using a toothpick. This was my first time trying to make nail art roses, and I concede they could have been better..,




Nonetheless, I like the idea and I’ll definitely be trying it again! Here are all the polishes, and the remover, huddled together for a group photo.


So that’s it, simple rose nail art!


Nua Eabhrac



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3 responses to “March Manicure Madness, Day Nine: Snow White, Rose Red

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  2. I loved that book! What a pretty idea.

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