March Manicure Madness, Day Five: Caribbean Coral

I’m intensely bothered by poor spelling. So much so, sometimes, that I will refuse to have lunch in a bar whose outdoor blackboard menu has misspellings on it. I mean, if they can’t spell properly, how can I be sure they can read a recipe properly?

That’s a BA in English (and being an all-round pedant) for you. Never accept an invitation to lunch from me.

Today’s polish, sigh, has a misspelling in its name. It’s 17 “Caribean Coral”.


I chose to not take this as a bad omen about the quality of the polish, so I slapped on three coats (again, smudging, but three were necessary anyway) and took some photos.


It’s a semi-creme formula with an almost jelly-like consistency. It was a little messy to work with, particularly because the bristles were uneven.

In natural light, the polish has a more orangey tint than is visible in the photos. I like it. I think.


Although it clashed wildly with my shirt, which made me antsy. Now for a bottle picture, should you wish to purchase your own…


It cost about €4 in my local Boots. I’m a big fan, generally, of the 17 range of polishes, but I think I’ll leave this colour until summer’s here.


Nua Eabhrac


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