March Manicure Madness, Day Four: Starry, Starry Night

Better late than never! Here is yesterday’s manicure, which was inspired by this blogpost. Which was kindly flagged by my blogging and real life amigo and all-round swell lady, proper miss .


So, it’s supposed to be a galactic, cosmos-type universe on your nails shebang, but mine didn’t quite (quelle surprise) turn out that way. Mine is more of a murky, starry night with psychotic electric blue undertones.


Basically, I lobbed a load of vaguely blue and/or sparkly nail polishes in random fashion on top of Saturday’s manicure.


And here are said polishes – ranging from Essence Choose Me to an unnamed mystery brand that my cousin picked up in Portugal last year.

There’s no method to this manicure, just equal parts boredom and nail polish.


…and a couple of artful poses against the kitchen tiles, of course…

Tomorrow, hot coral! Trying to think of suitable, title-worthy puns. Suggestions, if you have them, below!


Nua Eabhrac



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