March Manicure Madness, Day Two: Scarlet For Yer Ma

Welcome back, readers! Look, I’m still here! *high-fives self*

For my non-Irish readers, “scarlet for yer ma” (or simply “scarleh” if you’re from our fair city, Dublin) loosely translates to “your mother would be ashamed of you”, and is usually levelled at someone wearing clothing that the insulter deems inappropriate. Not to be used in polite company by anyone over the age of 16.

Today’s nail beauty is OPI I’m Not Really A Waitress, a glossy, scarlet one-coaster that ticks every box.


One coat looks beautiful but I did a second for a deeper colour.


The glossy shine on this baby is incredible. It has a multi-layered shimmer that is stunning in natural light.


This baby was a Christmas present – I have yet to shell out for a bottle myself.


I’m definitely an OPI convert, though. The formula is creamy but easy to apply. The brush is perfectly shaped to make a neat line against the cuticle. The shimmer left some visible lines but if you apply the polish neatly, it’s hardly noticeable.


OPI I’m Not Really A Waitress gets 5 stars – I LOVE it. I’m already sad about having to take it off for tomorrow. Still haven’t decided what tomorrow’s manicure should be…

Until then!


Nua Eabhrac



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4 responses to “March Manicure Madness, Day Two: Scarlet For Yer Ma

  1. love that color, and your ring!

  2. So pretty! I’d be sad taking it off as well. It would look lovely combined with black moons though…..

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