March Manicure Madness, Day One: Get On The Fluoro

Now I know I’m not the most regular beauty blogger to ever blog about beauty, but I had a wild and crazy idea last night. I have so many nail polishes that have barely seen the light of day. I have an iPhone with a semi-decent camera. And, I have the WordPress app for said iPhone. So, ta-dah! My 31 day, March Manicure Madness challenge. I am too much of a wimp to try the actual 30 day nail challenge, because I suck at nail art. I might throw a Konad or two your way, and there will be something mad fancy for St Patrick’s day, but the challenge will mainly consist of single colour manicures and super basic nail art.

I’ve been mad for cupcakes too, lately, so expect some über-hipster Instagram shots and perhaps even a recipe or two!

So let’s get down to business. First up is W7 Fluorescent Yellow. It does, well, what it says on the tin.


Application wasn’t the rosiest, W7 polishes tend to a) be very runny and gloopy, and b) stink to high heaven. It’s definitely more 3-full than 3-free.


This took three coats, and to be honest it could do with three more. It’s very sheer, which was disappointing. It also has a subtle pearl effect, which sounds pretty but actually results in it being streaky as hell and annoyingly difficult to apply evenly. Bitch bitch moan moan.


It aspires to be a fun, funky neon, but it pales against proper, heavy, opaque, semi-matte neons. This is your granny’s idea of disco nail polish.


Or, as I like to call it, the hi-visibility manicure.


And the verdict? It’s a bit of a fail for me. In daylight it looks alright, but under artificial lighting it becomes a plain, dull, sickly yellow.

Tomorrow – my first ever OPI! *happy dance*


Nua Eabhrac



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2 responses to “March Manicure Madness, Day One: Get On The Fluoro

  1. Boo to the nail polish, yay to reading more from you! xo

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