A Brief Pictorial

Essence Whoom Boooomm no. 3 You've Got The Art

Essence Multi Dimension no. 76 Cool and the Gang

Essence Multi Dimension no. 68 Perfectly True

colour-block dots

Kiko Nail Lacquer No. 269 Giallo Microglitter

skittle manicure in ice-cream colours

found this outside the back door one rainy morning

sunset at Sea Sessions, Bundoran

fountain outside the Pantheon, Rome

Fiat 500

teaching my friend her first ukulele song

beach life

my feet in the foreground... Lisa Hannigan in the background (contender for Nerd Picture of the Year, surely...)

first attempt at Konad/Essence stampy kit

So that’s sort of a basic summary of what I’ve been doing since I last wrote. I also acquired an iPod and a newfound love for the Hipstamatic-wannabe app, Instagram. So, I’ll leave you with a few gems I cooked up using my newest favourite app. Back soon, with a proper manicure-type post!

from the book Dinosaurs Divorce

an evening of West Coast Cooler, buttered popcorn and hilarious comedy with my cousin

storm-battered roses; rescued by my Dad

Essence Multi Dimension no. 68 Perfectly True... with a Dalmatian-patterned thumb

À bientôt! (and this time, I mean it…)



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12 responses to “A Brief Pictorial

  1. Yayy! 😀 😀 This was such a good post- I loved the instas at the bottom especially. And this wallpaper is so pretty- it’s like romantic kitsch. That Kiko yellow is a lovely shade- I like the glitter, esp since yellow polish can be a bit on the bright side. And holler to the Fiat 500!! 😀

  2. Diane

    Welcome back…color-block dots tres chic. Love your pix! Hope to see more nail fashion, soon. You might like to take a look at Catrice polish…the golds and silvers are lovely.

  3. dee

    Yay, so pleased you’re back- storm-battered roses are beautiful, both the picture and the phrase. Also, I really like the colour block dots. It is like your hands are having a marvellous party.

  4. Yay, you’re back! Missed you round these parts. Loved this post, beautiful pics x

  5. Is that ‘beach life’ pic of Enniscrone?

  6. adore your blog and the wallpaper is so beautiful 🙂 Love your nail polish choices its nice to brighten up our nails and make them dance

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