Lemonade, Anyone?

It’s May! It’s summer! (shush you, my summer starts in May.) The weather has been so beautiful here recently, it really feels like summer. Perfect for relaxing in the garden with a good book and a glass of fresh lemonade… I disovered pink lemonade in New York last summer and MAN do I miss it… they just don’t make it the same here.

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I recently picked up a new shade from 17’s Fast Finish Nail Polish collection – the colour drew my eye, but the name was what hooked me – Pink Lemonade. Also, it’s a jelly! What more could I ask for? This is three coats over one coat of clear.

indoors - check out the glossiness

indoors again


outdoors in direct sunlight

As you can see, it’s a gorgeously demure shade that’s office-appropriate but also a very cute complement to a more daring outfit. I bought some make-up bits the other day I’d like to show you all too…

MUA pink lipstick, inventively titled "Shade 4"

nice precise felt tip liner

a bunch of new Essence polishes - glee!

Jeez this is a picture-heavy post… do you think you could manage a couple more? Oh go on…

my wee lettuce, all growed up! *tear*

a pink crackle skittle manicure I did for my friend

On a happy note, I’d like to thank everyone who visits our blog daily, or weekly, or even occasionally – our traffic has been steadily increasing and we appreciate every comment you leave. Thank you for reading! Also must mention my lovely blogging comrade Cake in the Country, who recently posted a recipe for homemade rhubarb lemonade – yum! Can’t wait to try it out. Here’s the linky – rhubarb lemonade recipe.

Have a great week 😀




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11 responses to “Lemonade, Anyone?

  1. dee

    I was drinking pink lemonade on friday. MIND TWINS. Your nails are lovely. are jellies shinier than normal polishes?

  2. Diane

    What a lovely way to start the week….your blog is beautiful. Love this post, especially the nail colors you featured…can’t wait to try out all the pretty pastels.

  3. Jelly.. It just sounds so lovely and gloopy. I feel the need to now buy more jelly polishes. Also, thanks for the mention, and happy for your increasing traffic. Mine’s going upward lately too, hurrah for blog success! I absolutely LAVE the wallpaper btw, just so’s you know 🙂

    • jelly… mmm ice-cream and jelly… *old-fashioned dessert fantasies* Also, yay for blog-growing! And thanks re: the wallpaper, wanted to change it from the Easter bunnies, delightful as they were (I totes stole the picture, btw, soon the Internet hounds will be on my tail…)

  4. Mmmmm…Vintage drinks. You ever try Ginger Beer or Curiousity Cola

  5. serious gloss going on in that nail varnish…love it

  6. These products are so sweet; I’d love to get my hands on that Boots nail polish. Adorable!

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