Peachy Keen

This evening, readers, I have a spectacular Spring nail polish to showcase. I was in Dublin last weekend and was wowed by all the new products on the Essence and Catrice stands around town. I had to limit myself to two nail polish purchases, though, because my stash is getting ever so slightly out of control. I ended up buying an apricot from Catrice and a lemon-yellow from H&M. Here is Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer 520 Apropos Apricot.



knitting a ukulele cover

green green grass of home

There’s a little sticker on some of the new Catrice polishes saying “2X Coats”… which I assume to mean that two coats are sufficient. Hmm. I did three coats for the above pictures, and even then I think it could use a fourth. It certainly wasn’t enough after two. The formula is quite odd, kind of a watery creme. It wasn’t fun to work with, either, because it began to dry as I was painting which made it difficult to get even coverage. I’ll make an allowance because I love the colour so much, but still. *wags finger at Catrice*

Here are two more lovely colours I plan to jazz up my nails with in the next week or so…

spring summer loveliness

That’s (l to r) Catrice Apropos Apricot, 17 Fast Finish Pink Lemonade, and Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours Orange Crush.

In other news, my lettuce is growing! Check these babies out. It’s a loose leaf variety, meaning it doesn’t grow in heads but in individual leaves. I’m so proud I grew this from seed. *sniff* My babies are growing up.

in bloom!

I’ve been mad playing the ukulele recently. I only play basic songs with basic chords, with easy (not too low, not too high) vocals, but I’m enjoying it so much. I may have found my vocation in life (that is to say, annoying other people through song). There are so many songs I’d love to play but I’m not quite good enough yet – and one of them is Ukulele Lady as sung by Vaughn De Leath (and later, Bette Midler). There’s even a Muppet version of the song, which I’d like to share with you. It brings a little sunshine to my day 🙂

Until next time,



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