Spring/Summer 2011 – Nail Trends

Welcome to the first Nail Trends post of 2011. Don’t expect too many of them, because the world of nail polish is a slow-mover when it comes to trends. Although recently there’s been an upsurge in the popularity of novelty polishes (e.g. crackle, scented, colour-changing), so I figured it was about time I did a little rundown of what will be making waves this season.

Crackle Polish

We’re all aware of this one by now – almost every nail polish range worth its salt has brought out a crackle polish. I remember being so excited about this last summer, waiting patiently for the Isadora Graffiti Nails range to come out in shops. Well, it finally has, and honestly I think it’s the pick of the bunch (disclaimer – have not tried every single crackle polish in existence so may not be a reliable authority).

image courtesy of jangsara.blogspot.com

I tried a friend’s bottle of the deep blue one (hint – it looks AMAZING over bright yellow) and it left a clean, even crackle effect that was perfect on the first try. Barry M Instant Nail Effects is good too – probably the most easily accessible one since it’s available in Boots and Superdrug. They’ve also brought out some new colours for Summer – haven’t heard word if they’re decent, but… it’s Barry M, so they’re probably great.

image courtesy of echosidestyle.blogspot.com

My cousin recently informed me that Boots 17 have just released a crackle nail polish (the bandwagon just got heavier). A quick Google search provided me with this: a platinum-gold metallic shimmer – interesting, and different.

image courtesy of boots.com

Essence are bringing out two crackle polishes as well, black and white, though no word if the range will be coming to Ireland. Still, gotta love the cheapy versions! (whisper – I hear Essence are releasing holographic polishes here in May/June! Woohoo!)

image courtesy of essence-beautyfriends.eu

Novelty Polish

I had a gander at these nail polishes the other day and, despite myself, I had a MAJOR urge to buy. Not just one, but them all. I was able to resist, amazingly – check these out; scented nail polishes from Revlon.

image courtesy of hey-dollface.com

It’s called the Scents of Summer collection (and was out in America last year… clearly it takes a whole 12 months for us to catch on across the water). So far I’ve only seen the lime green, the shimmery turquoise green, and the bright fuschia purple. The catch is, they’re only scented when dry, so you can’t exactly try before you buy. And, at 9 euro a pop, it’s squarely aimed at the adult market. Not sure if I’ll be trying this one out…

Mood polish – it’s existed for a while, but a new line (company?) has appeared recently, offering color-changing polishes for $8 a go.

image courtesy of blog.shopnastygal.com

Nice, subtle colours, another novelty polish aimed towards adults rather than children. I like… but I don’t love. Anyway, there’s always Claire’s, because cute as it is, I don’t see myself wearing a mood polish more than once a year.

Spring/Summer Shades

I’m sure most of us have seen the latest Chanel campaign images, but if not, here’s a refresher –

image courtesy of beaut.ie

Chanel are major trendsetters when it comes to nail polish colours, and we can see how other ranges have been inspired by Chanel’s reliance on soft pastels and nude colours. For example, here’s a Spring 2011 range from Essence named Blossoms Etc. – not exact copies, but certainly inspired.


image courtesy of fragdiegurus / photobucket.com

There’s also Gosh’s romantic Less is More spring collection, which features two nail polishes in muted beige and earth tones – very pretty.


image courtesy of beaut.ie

Lastly, how beautiful is Catrice’s Spring/Summer collection, Urban Baroque? It’s all simple pinks and pastels, nude and elegant. Not thrilling, but understated and gorgeous.

image courtesy of chicprofile.com

Nail Art

Where would I be without my nail art? Nowhere, that’s where, because I love it and it was a huge motivator for me to start writing this blog. For summer, I predict nail art will be fun and fancy-free – think cartoon characters, cupcakes, rainbows. Check out Wah-Nails for inspiration (though their designs can be a little repetitive – I guess if it ain’t broke, why fix it?). I want to link you to an amazing blog I found the other day – I’ll throw in some of the pictures on it for now but I strongly urge you go take a look – I fell instantly in love with the designs. It’s here, and here are some of the pictures I’ve been swooning over.

image courtesy of becomegorgeous.com

image courtesy of becomegorgeous.com


image courtesy of becomegorgeous.com

So much inspiration! To the nail polish box!





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6 responses to “Spring/Summer 2011 – Nail Trends

  1. dee

    such a cute link, check out the moustache nails!!!

  2. The trends this season are super fun!! I’ve actually stumbled upon the mood nail polish in my web travels- I’m DYING for it!! How cool is that?! Actually, surprisingly, I’m really into lighter, softer colors! I never thought I’d choose pastels over my beloved black!! πŸ˜€

    • I knoooowww, pastels are perfect at the moment, just bought a soft apricot orange at the weekend, as well as a lemon sherbet yellow…. LOVE SPRING! And they’re ideal for summer too. Black can wait til autumn πŸ˜‰

  3. I love these looks πŸ˜€

    Please visit my blog for any feedback… narvaezbeauty.blogspot.com

    Thanks! Definitely going to try these polishes!

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