Pink Flamingo

Hey readers,

This weeks nail polish of choice of Kiko Nail Lacquer 288 Rosa Fenicottero, which translates to Pink Flamingo. The lovely Molto Fashion included this in a Christmas present for me a few months ago so I’m really excited to present this to you guys – a polish both I and Molto Fashion give the thumbs up to.

indoors (please excuse gross hangnail)


in the grass

Rosa Fenicottero is a deep pink creme, which is almost opaque in one coat. I gave it two coats for the above pictures, with a base coat and no top coat. The wear on this was pretty good too, despite manic ukulele-playing and frequent dishwashing.

So, I added a bit of art to my thumb. My poor thumbs have a weird shape (apparently there’s a genetic condition which fits the description perfectly… but, you know, who wants a genetic condition? And it totally does not run in my family, female side only. *cough*). Anyway, they’re weird looking, so I like to pamper them a bit.

first version - kinda rubbish

second version - an improvement


So for the daisies I used the Essence Tip Painter, a yellow nail art lacquer from Forever 21, and Essence Colour & Go 18 Check Me Out for the stalks.

Here’s a real daisy in my garden, taken earlier today ~

so I have a thing for daisies...

I have a truly bee-yoo-dee-ful colour for my next post, a delectable jelly from 17’s newest nail polishes. So delicious I could practically eat it! Mmm, jelly…

‘Til next time!




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6 responses to “Pink Flamingo

  1. dee

    LOVE. daisy nails for the win. also, your thumbs are fine…whatchoo talkin bout?

  2. I love the thumbnail, it’s absolutely gorgeous and so accurate. My left nails always turn out grand but as soon as I try to use my left hand to get at the right nails….trouble sets in. I’m very much a right handed gal…I wish there was a way of training in my left hand to be steadier haha.

    • thank you!! oddly enough my right hand turned out better than the left – I think I always concentrate a bit more when I’m painting with the left hand because I automatically assume it’s going to turn out badly 😛

  3. Hooray for Kiko!!! 😀 I knew it would look fabulous on you! It’s one of my favorite colors.. I wore this color the entire summer on my toes (alternating it with a gorgeous neon red- too much fun). I love the daisy nail art, too- good job taking inspiration from the real surroundings- I think this design goes perfectly with this shade of pink. 😀

    • Woo! It’s definitely a summer colour too, and I was just thinking it would look perfect on toe-nails as well! It contrasts really well with nail art too, I love it, great gift, thank you again! 😀

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