Violet Femme

Good morning blog-readers!

What a gorgeous day it is outside, I just went out to pick some daffodils and it’s warm, actually WARM out there. Spring, I love you. Here’s what I was wearing on my nails last week, one of the 17 polishes I am currently extolling in the side-bar: 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish in Parma Violet.



le obligatory closeup

with some seeds I'm planning to plant once April arrives *checks date, not yet, antsy*

Like last week with the matte topcoat, I wanted to experiment with this colour. I added small white polka dots with Essence Tip Painter, and covered it with one coat of Claire’s Matte Top-Coat. Make sure you wait until the polka dots are completely dry, if you’re trying this, otherwise the topcoat will make the colour run.

crappy picture, taken with flash under artificial light, but you get the idea...

I think I applied three coats of Parma Violet for the maximum opacity. I’ve taken to omitting a gloss top-coat, because it leaves all polishes with exactly the same finish. I kind of like the uniqueness of every finish. Parma Violet’s finish is a dull gloss, which reminds me of royal icing a little bit.

Spring is here! Two things – the gorgeous daffodils in my kitchen…

I can go one better than Wordsworth and smell these beauties (apparently he was anosmic, who knew?! QI did. That's where I heard it. Ahem.)

… and… my sentient lettuce!

has a mind of its own

I planted it about ten days and it’s growing like mad, it keeps following the sunshine. One day I had to turn it three times because it kept bending towards the light. I keep imagining I’ll wake up some night to find a giant lettuce towering over me, ready to wreak revenge for all the times I forced it away from the light. AAAAAAAnyway.

Now begins the dilemma as to what colour to paint my nails next…

ciao readers!




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10 responses to “Violet Femme


    I apologise for the all caps and overuse of ‘!’s but it had to be done. Lovely.

  2. This color is GORGEOUS! Lavender is such a perfect color for the Spring and warm weather, too. You’re so lucky the weather is good! Here it snowed and hailed AGAIN! Ahhhh- warmth, please! Come soon!!! :/

    • I love it!! PS I got you a Catrice lipstick, in Spicy Coral… and I checked my make-up bag, the black/purple lipstick I have is Wet n Wild! It’s 919B but there’s no name on it… is that the one you have?!

  3. dee

    ooh. I could ogle them nails all day… such a springy colour.

  4. Those polka dots are ADORABLE. Love the parma violet. I feel a little Boots trip coming on…

  5. Oh I love the polka dot nails!!

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