Diary of a Lazy Blogger

Hello readers (um, if I have any left!),

It’s been so long since I blogged here. I think it’s partly due to my enormous talent at procrastinating, as well as my newfound interest in knitting and the ukulele. I also completed a course in Permaculture Design, so there will be a lot more grass and flower-related pictures to come. Part of it, too, was my waning (gasp!) interest in nail polish. I wasn’t finding polishes that excited me, and I have so many colours already that it was hard discovering new ones. Sligo isn’t exactly a mecca for new and exotic cosmetics either (not even Barry M!). Nonetheless, I have a few new polishes I want to show off a bit. First though, I will guide you through the past few weeks with some photos…

Essence Choose Me, a beautiful dupe of Zoya Charla

Barry M Nail Effects over a rainbow of colours

another skittle manicure topped with Barry M Nail Effects (the thumb is bare, by the way)

practising uke in my pjs (New York Color Polyester Pink Creme on my nails)

Barry M Gold (?) with Barry M Nail Effects... and a Christmas decoration

Wet n Wild 2% Milk (one of my favourite colours)

a daisy design I did for my sister (green = Essence Check Me Out, yellow = LA Colors Art Deco yellow, white = Essence tip painter

my sister's new baby rabbit, Aurelia Eris

Sunday drive out to Glencar waterfall, Co. Leitrim

Glencar again (kind of looks like a misty English moor)

garden snowdrops

my new band, Lily's Rigid Heart

in Dublin, pre-election

Matt Cardle at the X Factor Tour in the O2, Dublin (was chaperone to cousin & friend, I had fun being an honorary 15 year old for the day!)

(half-price!) Catrice 60 Seconds Nail Couture 200 Vibrant Violet

the first daffodils of the Spring

my first knitted tea-cosy... it's supposed to resemble a cupcake

No. 7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour, 110 Betty Blues (it looked more sparkly and pretty in the bottle...)

my wee nail polish collection (well, some of it)

I have another post to follow (with plenty more pictures, yay for photo spam!) and the polish I’m wearing today, which is a pinkish lavender and very Spring appropriate. Have you twigged yet how excited I am that it’s Spring? Sunshine, flowers, slightly warmer temperatures! Yeow!

Until later…



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4 responses to “Diary of a Lazy Blogger

  1. VanillaLime

    Welcome back!!! Had nearly given up on you but was still checking in the odd time!!
    Photos are fab, love Glencar, the snowdrops, the daffs, also the polish of course – I have Essence Choose Me as well and I love it!

    • Yay, thank you for not giving up on me 🙂 I promise I’ll be a better blogger from here on out… Isn’t Choose Me just gorgeous? I must do my nails properly with that tonight, it will be an interesting twist on St. Patrick’s Day green! (because, I have to wear green polish on St. Patrick’s Day… it just has to be done…)

  2. dee

    I missed blogger-you. I can play ring of fire now, almost. It is very exciting to me and annoying to William. He hides when the uke begins…

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