Fade Street – The Penultimate Episode

Woe! This weeks episode of Fade Street is the second last one in the series. Will it be back for a second series? Will Louise stay in the show (rumours say she might not)? And, most importantly, will Wexford Paul ever make a comeback?? (Probably not, seeing as he reckons the rest of the cast members are all f**kin’ eejits.)

But the woe seems to have spread into Fade Street itself – this week Louise burst into tears as Michael “MOD” O’ Doherty told her he was tired of her amateur dramatics (oh hello pot, this is kettle!) and hinted that she should leave.

How much would you pay to see MOD cry for a change? Eh? (p.s. great nail polish)

Immediately I thought – oh no, no more sassy quips from Dillon St. Paul! – but my fears were allayed when he and Louise met up for chips and a bitching session in Captain Americas. Phew 🙂

This was truly the episode of the Dodgy ‘Tache. Some friends assured me that the episode was (probably) filmed last November during the Movember campaign, where fellas grew moustaches in aid of prostate cancer charities. Now that is lovely, and all well and good, but the ‘taches on these lads were plain creepy.

dodgy tache no. 1

dodgy tache no. 2

The dodgiest tache of them all

Did anyone else find Harrison and Diarmaid’s gym session a little bit creepy? I mean, two men, pumping iron, alone in a gym… I don’t know…

Diarmaid working up a sweat

Actually the creepiest thing about their little tête-à-tête in the gym is Harrison’s awful tache. It made me think of this ~

macho macho man... I want to be a macho man...

This week, Melina went on a date with the dubious Diarmaid, and they talked about interesting things like Melina, more Melina, and Melina again, until Diarmaid got so bored he had to throw a joke/insult her way, just to liven things up.  This date just proved that Melina is the Queen of Evil – because just LOOK at her nails.

French Manicure!! Gahhh my eyes, it burns!!

Cici made her presence felt this week, but not because of her eyebrows – this time her sweeping black eyeliner stole the show. Here she is browsing in Penneys (yay Penneys!) with Dani, musing over whether or not to buy a two euro belt.

how eyeliner should be done

Masterful. Cici might not get much of a storyline in Fade Street, but her choice of cosmetics speaks volumes. Unfortunately, she had a little style slip-up later in the show, as she sported a 90s chic nose ring. I know people will disagree with me here, but I think it was a little much…

her make-up is amazing though

Dani really impressed with her cute 1920s flapper style – she wore a gold chevron headband and a loose peach slip dress to Cici’s band-night-that-ended-up-being-a-club-night.


Then she was chatted up by Cici’s DJ friend, Josh, who came out with perhaps THE best chat-up line of the whole series.

"yiv a lovely face"

Unfortunately, Dani’s propensity to be attracted to possessive, neurotic men reared its head, and Andre barrelled in (out of nowhere, seemingly) to find Dani and Josh flirting the house down. Of course, á la Wexford Paul, Andre made a show of Dani and left her upset and date-less again. Poor Dani.

can't catch a break. but looks very cute.

Finally, I have to give serious “woo”s and “yay”s and thank you”s to the person who chooses the soundtrack for Fade Street, because they ended on the most beautiful song by one of my favourite Irish artists, Lisa Hannigan.

Lisa Hannigan via heardofsheep.blogspot.com

I’ll leave you now with the song. Can’t wait for next week, but I don’t want Fade Street to be over!




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5 responses to “Fade Street – The Penultimate Episode

  1. BAHHHAHAHAHAAAAHAHA- I swear to you I was laughing the whole time reading this! I even made my mom read it, and she laughed the whole time, too! Way to go for the super-dry, super-funny observations!! xD Oh man.. this episode was hot stuff!!!!!! OMG but it is the penultimate episode?!?!? noooo!!! nooo!!!! this can’t beeee!! they don’t even know if it is going to be renewed?!?!! nooooo!!!!!!!!!!! please noooo!!! oh no… what am i going to do without Cici and Dani? love them.. love cici’s eyeliner, and dani just always looks good. ugh and that melina! and i just have ONE question: WHATT is wrong with louise!?!?! is it extreme of me to think that it is abnormal to sit there and allow people to speak to you like that and not defend yourself at least?? major moment of frustration there!

    this was brilliant!! xD

  2. Emma

    I don’t want Fade Street to be over either, it was the only thing making Mondays more bearable. And I really don’t want your Fade Street blog posts to be over either! I must confess to a fondness for Cici’s nosering but that is probably because it reminded me of the one I sported myself – yes, back in the 90s!

  3. Aw guys… thank you!! Can’t believe I didn’t see these lovely comments until now. I can’t even keep a blog going, can you imagine what a neglectful parent I would be? Yikes…

    I miss Fade Street SOOOO MUCH. Like, ridiculously. There’s no other show that even comes close. I watched that Families in the Wild program last night, hoping to poke some fun at it, but it was boringly solid. Bleh.

    Re: Cici’s nose-ring, I wish I was brave enough to wear one! You’re right though, it definitely has a 90s gauche charm to it 🙂

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