The Lady is a Vamp

2011 – It’s the year of the vampire, right? True Blood has been renewed for a fourth season, Vampire Diaries has won a bunch of awards, and every bookshop you enter has more or less replaced its young adult section with a miniature Vampires R US.

2011 is also the year that the final film instalment of the Twilight Saga hits our cinema screens. Edward and Bella in steamy clinches on a remote tropical island! Swoon! (Well, the Edward bit at least.)

Breaking Dawn (Part 1) is due to be released on November 18, and I guess I’m already getting into the vampire spirit! Or, to be truthful, I found this blood red nail polish in a Superdrug on Charing Cross Road when I was in London, and I thought it was really pretty. So I bought it. Voila, Barry M Nail Paint 1A 033 Red Wine!

indoor, natural light

outdoors, natural light

in the frostbitten grass


blurry but more accurate representation of the colour

It was so frustrating taking pictures of this nail polish – the camera just couldn’t pick up its colour correctly. It’s actually more of a deep, blood red. And it’s a jelly polish! I freaking LOVE jellies. It applied like a dream – but you have to be careful to do even coats, otherwise the layers are very obvious. Beautiful thin formula, lovely brush, full thumbs up for this polish. Barry M are always a winner for me.

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures that are closer in colour to the actual polish, to give you a better idea –

rather like its name - red wine

Aegean wallflower

I hope you get the idea, I’m so annoyed my camera wouldn’t pick up the correct colour. It’s very close in colour to actual blood with two coats, and more of a strawberry red with just one coat. Delightful! Needless to say, I love it. It’s a gorgeous dash of colour in this gloomy month of January. Did you know, today (January 17th)  is “scientifically speaking” the most depressing day of the year? I have just the thing for that – a shiny new manicure, and this picture below.

only a few more months 'til summer!

Happy Blue Monday!






(all photos link to their sources, except mine of course)



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2 responses to “The Lady is a Vamp

  1. dee

    so pretty. jelly, eh? this an is oddly compelling concept. must try…to the pharmacy!! I am wearing matt grey at the moment, the catrice topcoat is perfection, but stupid rimmel dove grey chipped after a day. gah.

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