A Dupe For Chanel Black Pearl? Essence 62 Must-Have

Black is back for Spring 2011 – take a look at the new collection from Essence (pictured below), for example. Of course, Chanel was one of the instigators of this trend, releasing pictures of its hot new Spring 2011 shade, Black Pearl, long before the Christmas trees went up last December.

coming soon!

courtesy of chicprofile.com

Chanel Spring 2011 nail polish collection, courtesy of fashionbeautyglamour.blogspot.com

Chanel’s Black Pearl isn’t a straightforward black – it’s been described as a sort of teal-tinted gun-metal grey, with a silver shimmer throughout. I rifled through my nail polish collection last night, looking for an untried, and came across a bottle of Essence I bought in early winter… and its resemblance to Black Pearl is more than passing. This is Essence Multi Dimension XXXL Shine Nail Polish, 62 Must-Have.

indoors, natural light

outdoors, natural light

outdoor close-up

*pause* isn’t the shimmer beautiful? For a nail polish that was less than two euro (compared to Black Pearl’s RRP of US$23).

indoors, with flash

The shimmery bits really pop out with the flash, but it’s pretty in any light. The formula is a thick creme, which made it hard to get a neat line along the cuticles, but it wasn’t all that bad – you could easily leave it at one coat and it would be perfectly opaque. For this I did two coats, after royally smudging up the first one.

So – it’s no Chanel, but if you want a shimmery steel grey at a fraction of the price, Essence is definitely a Must-Have.


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6 responses to “A Dupe For Chanel Black Pearl? Essence 62 Must-Have

  1. this is gorgeous! I always have trouble around my cuticles, you are super talented at nail painting! โค

    great review!


  2. VanillaLime

    Hi, bought this today having seen it here and it’s fab!
    Swatched Black Pearl in shop to compare also – the Essence is darker and doesn’t have the greenishness but definitely has a similar appeal, and is a great colour in its own right. So thanks for the rec!

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