Happy New Year! 2011 is the Unofficial Year of Nail Polish.

Happy new year dear blog readers! I won’t go making any mad promises to you… 

(like I’ll blog at LEAST twice a week, every week, from now on) … because I know I’ll just go ahead and break them. But I do want to blog more frequently, so here’s where I solicit compliments and encouragement to keep going 😉 Eh, eh?

Anyway, the first nail polish of 2011 is New York Color Long Wearing Nail Enamel 108 Polyester Pink Creme. It was a Christmas pressie from my dahling sister who is very attentive when I bring her to pharmacies and point out exactly the colour of nail polish I would like for Christmas, in no uncertain terms 🙂

Polyester Pink Creme has a very thin formula, so you can’t overload the brush. I also had the tendency, using this, to overload my nails with polish. It dried very nicely though, no smudges or dents. It’s beautifully opaque in three coats – any less and you’ll suffer from the old faithful visible nail line.

As a base coat, I used Sally Hansen Power Shield Ultra Protective Top Coat. Yeah yeah, it’s *supposed* to be a top-coat, but it works amazingly well as a base coat, too. One coat above and beneath your nail colour and it locks it in for about three days. Superb!

in natural light

indoors in natural light

close-up of my pinky. haha, get it? pinky? haha.... oh my...

I’m so excited about this colour, I love love LOVE it!! (Although, I say that about a lot of nail polishes. Perhaps, all of them.) Anyway, here are some things this polish reminds me of…

Ah, what collection of things pink would be complete without a little dash of Hello Kitty? So freaking cute 🙂

Another pressie I was delighted to receive this Christmas was a brand new ukulele! And, not only that, it is PINK!! I thought I’d show you my current manicure against the fretboard to contrast the colours.

pink on pink

cutesy pink ukulele

I was in my PJs taking these pictures, which is why I didn’t take a full-length shot of the ukulele… it would have involved way more pyjama than I am willing to show to the world. Note to self – get dressed earlier 😛

That’s all for now kids, hope you are all having a lovely New Year!






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10 responses to “Happy New Year! 2011 is the Unofficial Year of Nail Polish.

  1. PINKY! I geddit. Also I really want a Ukelelelelelelelele!

    • the ukulele is AWESOME!!! they’re super cheap as well, I suggest you check out Amazon. Also, I have it on good word that there is a glittery one in the Record Room.

  2. VanillaLime

    Hello! Happy new year! And yes keep on blogging please!

  3. OMG THIS COLOR IS *GORGEOUS*!!!! it’s the softest most perfect color of pink- it almost looks like candy. to look at it in the bottle, i thought maybe it would be really sheer bc it has that gorgeous soft, glassy-ness to the color, but it is perfectly opaque- it’s so pretty! i love all the things it reminded you of as well- perhaps that is why the color is also so amazing… ;P and your ukelele is so adorable!! perfect color, too 😀 😀

    • isn’t it AMAZING?! and it looks even better in real life – I woke up this morning and stared at my nails for about five minutes, going “oooh, pretty…”

      I just put on the pink Kiko you sent me, I love it!! Although my ukulele playing has already left me with a chip 😦

  4. I need this immediately, its gorrrrrrgeous!

  5. I need that Barbie car.Haha 🙂 x

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