Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back: Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro No. 430 Black Satin

If we think for a moment of all the traditional trend-predicting clichés like “____ is back!” “____ is so ‘in’ this season!” “____ is the new black!” and fill in all the blanks with “BLACK” (yes, even the last one), it would be pretty hard to date the trend, assign it a year, a season, or even an era because it’s the truth. Black is always back, in, new, and well, black. Ok, maybe as far as black nail varnish is concerned, I may be stretching it a bit, especially because of its classic ties to cultish envelop-pushers such as good old Marilyn Manson. But since being endorsed by Chanel, and earning an honored place on the Chanel Runway, I think it is safe to say that black has officially earned the acceptance it deserves in the nail polish mafia and a deal with cultish mainstreamers such as…. well, again, fill in the blank. And I have a theory as to why black polish has such strong lasting power. Oh yes, the picture says it all; quite simply, black nail polish is crazy, sexy, and cool.

At first I feared that a post about black nail polish would have been boring as there is nothing particularly unique or exceptional about black lacquer. However, black is one of my most “favoritest” colors to wear (so much so that it warrants my using the double superlative most “favoritest”), and I decided to show it a little love. What’s more, after years of searching for the best black polish- that is, the blackest, shiniest, and longest-lasting- I do believe I’ve found a brand that meets my very picky expectations, and I wanted to share the wealth.

So after much searching, I’ve finally found my favorite black that pleases me with a perfect, lasting manicure each time. That is Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro No. 430 in Black Satin, and black satin it truly is.

In other words, this polish does its name justice. It’s a smooth pure black color, without any shimmer or extra-luminary this, that, or the other thing to make the polish “prettier” and give it more “dimension.” Not necessary. I just want a glamorous, true black that will make my nails look dramatic, yet manicured, and this Rimmel Black Satin does precisely that. What’s really great about this nail polish (other than its true-black color and super high-shine) is that it doesn’t chip, nor does it wear along the tips (always a huge polish peeve of mine, especially when it comes to black). One recommendation I would make (a little trick I’ve discovered with trial and error): be sure to paint the tips of your nails well, making sure that the polish covers everything. Tried and true, this helps it to last much longer.

The only (possible) drawback of this polish is that I find the consistency of the forumla a bit thick. So it can be a tad bit difficult to work with, and it does take a little longer to dry. However, this can be taken care of with careful, patient application. And anyway, there is a positive side to this in that full opacity can be achieved in just one coat (but I always apply two), and the manicure lasts much longer.

So give it a try! The price is good and the results are better.

Until next time!


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5 responses to “Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back: Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro No. 430 Black Satin

  1. Right, definitely going to purchase this the next time I come across it. My Chanel black satin has terrible longevity and chips within a day…

    • oh yes, i HIGHLY recommend this- it will be a nice upgrade from chanel (hehehe- funny to say that about chanel! 😛 ) i’ve never owned chanel’s black, but from what i can see in pictures, it doesn’t have that pure satiny black look, but rather looks slightly, slightly frosted… i do prefer a satin finish. i just can’t believe how chanel chips; i hear about it all the time- even the youtube beauty gurus complain. it’s crazy, considering the brand and the cost! but you’ll love this rimmel!

  2. oh so lovely! I’m wearing the pink one I bought, remember that day we went to Duane Reade after you recommended it to me? Will take photos today and get back on the blogging bandwagon 🙂

    • awww!! yea!!! i do remember that one! in fact, it’s so funny- whenever i see that color in the store when i’m in NYC, it reminds me of you and our drugstore shopping hahaha i always say to my mom, “oh look here’s the color ciara bought!” 😛 it’s a lovely color- i can’t wait to see your pics for it! i know- these days were busy with nano wrimo, and my travels threw a wrench in my gears, too! i have this GREAT dark electric blue on from Kiko- i’m going to blog about it next!! it’s gorgeous!

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