Summer Lovin’ with Essie 651 Bermuda Shorts

I’ve been a very bad blogger indeed, neglecting it for more than a week now. My one excuse is that I’ve been writing for NaNoWriMo, also known as National Novel Writing Month. Basically, you bang out 50,000 words of a novel in the month of November. If you win, blessings and peace be upon you. If not, wrath and guilt in their place. Anyway, 1667 words a day is keeping me occupied. Also, my cuticles suck at the moment. They suck to the power of SUUUUUUCK. Winter is not being kind to them. Anyway, I will press on, and continue the Essie theme Molto Fashion has established.

Essie 651 Bermuda Shorts – ridiculous name, cute polish. I remember buying this in Ricky’s, in SoHo NYC, back in the day… two years ago. At $8, it was the most I’d ever spent on a bottle of polish. Bermuda Shorts is a hot neon magenta creme, which dries semi-matte.

indoors with flash

natural light, outdoors


As usual, I used three coats of polish over a Rimmel Stronger Try Harder base coat. Then I decided to experiment with different top-coats.

glossy top-coat (Essence), Essie Bermuda Shorts, and matte top-coat (Claire's)

index and ring finger: Essence 01 Absolute Pure; middle and baby finger, Claire's matte top-coat (excuse the grass mark on my index finger :P)

glossy vs matte

no top-coat (left) vs. Claire's matte top-coat (right)

The wear and tear on this polish was not spectacular, I’m sorry to admit. There was tip-wear on the second day. It didn’t chip until the third day, but the tip-wear bothered me. The formula, however, is beautiful and it’s very easy to apply. I couldn’t decide whether I preferred glossy or matte! Luckily, I had the option of both 🙂

Halloween was so much fun. I dressed as a nun, painted my nails bloody (as in previous post) and went to a fireworks party. Here are some of my favourite pictures from the night. (I actually have a specific “fireworks” setting on my camera. This was the first time I’ve ever used it.)

blood splatter buns that I baked with my cousin

blood splatter nails (and my nun costume)

kid with sparkler


more fireworks!

firework taking off

fireworks galore! (so good, the neighbours complained. heh heh.)

That was my Halloween! I also went to Lady GaGa…


… which was HUH-MAZING. Her nails were painted greige, just like the Deborah Lippmann colour she wore for the Vanity Fair cover. So awesome. And the support act, Semi Precious Weapons, was very entertaining! The lead singer even posed for two photos with my sister. Here’s one of their songs, Put A Diamond On It. Can’t stop singing it.

There’s a hand movement and everything that goes along with the song… not that I do it when I sing along or anything…

slán, readers!



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10 responses to “Summer Lovin’ with Essie 651 Bermuda Shorts

  1. Hey, you coulda called for tea! And cake! City cake mind you, it has a mean streak and uses public transport…

  2. I think I might have been with you when you bought this color!! Ah Ricky’s.. I bought Color Club’s version of this color, and there is definitely a difference, but I can’t figure out what. Perhaps it is a bit more purple? Or actually when neon purple is about to become fuschia, thereabouts. Love the splatter nails! Sal said the other day, “Ciara’s nails are really very impressive” LOLOL so even Sal has been keeping up! 😛

    • you were with me! I think it was the first time we went on a Ricky’s trip! Aw, memories 🙂 I’d love to see Color Club’s version, subtle neons like this are gorgeous. LOL at Sal’s comment, that’s so sweet, and good to know there are some guys reading our blog!

  3. dee

    sooooooooo pretty. I want matte nail polish a lot. Also, painting my nails mint green (catrice) this evening, as a direct result of claudia’s last post. I saw her pinkie and was all ‘I miss green nails’.

  4. That colour is lovely, can’t decide if I prefer the glossy or the matte either…the glossy probably, on reflection!

  5. triin

    Hey.I recently discovered the matte top coat by essence& it cost like €1.99 etc.i’m pretty happy with it.
    Avon is doing matte enamel as well in 4 colours, prob coming up in d nxt brochure etc.

    • hello you! I was wondering what the essence matte top-coat, when I’m finished with my Claire’s bottle, it’s next on my list. And Avon, I ordered a catalogue weeks ago but no sign of it yet :S Dying to check out their nail polishes! Thank you for the link 😀

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