Well folks, the witching hour is well and truly upon us,  so I thought I’d grace you all with another Halloween nail design I tried recently. First up, I painted my nails with Orly Holla, a neon orange creme.


side view

an orange comparison

indoors, the neon doing crazy things to my camera

Orly Holla is a spectacular colour, the camera really does no justice to the way this polish GLOWS. The wear on it was fantastic – not a chip for the three days I wore it. It’s actually an Orly mini – that said, the tiny brush was perfectly good, I had no application issues whatsoever. Like most neons, it dried semi-matte – so if you’re a strictly gloss fan, you’d need to add a top-coat.

Then I whacked a few black polka dots on, using W7 Black, to see how it would look…

sorta cute

my baby fingernail always turns out the neatest, somehow

Then I went a bit mad and started adding white tiger stripes (using Essence white Tip Painter), black smudges (with W7 Black) and gold smudges (using Barry M Gold). Check it out (and cringe).

mad stuff altogether

mangled tiger nail art, anyone?

Next time, I might skip the mangled tiger bit 😉

Just painted my nails white and added red nail polish in a blood splatter effect, will provide a little picture so you get the effect:


Happy Halloween folks! Have a spooktacular evening 😀




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8 responses to “Spoooooooky!

  1. Haha, they look fun! I like the orange ones best – yes, a little bit chaotic, but in an artsy, I’ve-got-a-studio-flat-and-people-pay-hundreds-for-my-scribbles sort of way. Very glamorous!

  2. The blood-nails came out really well!!!!! I love it!! I’m painting my nails a vampire black with red sparkles now- though it is a bit of a painful process bc my cuticles have become a MESS *_* and I love the artsy orange manicure!! 😀

    • thank you, you’re so sweet!! i really like my blood nails now, i was afraid they would turn out really crappy. can’t wait to see your vampire black/red sparkle nails!!

      also, ditto on the cuticle issues, ugh, my hands hate the winter :S

  3. NR

    Love the orange mani, it’s very arty! Your bloody tipped mani is great never thought of adding drops to mine, I’m not very artistic!

  4. I adore that gorgeous orange with the black polka dots…not exactly spooky, but oh so cute! Loving the gorey blood splatter look, too.

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