Glow In The Dark

It’s almost Halloween, and I’ve been busy trying out different nail polishes to get the perfect spooky nails for Sunday the 31st. In Tesco a few weeks ago, I spotted glow-in-the-dark nail polish amongst a pile of acrylic wigs and fake witch fingers. It was €1.49 and came with a free miniature red lipstick, so how could I pass it up? The bottle isn’t the most beautiful thing, and has the dubious honour of being my only bottle of nail polish made from plastic. Hmm. Let’s take a closer look.

index, middle and ring finger are polished, baby and thumb are bare for comparison

again, baby is left bare

As you can probably tell, the nail polish doesn’t leave the most attractive veneer on your nails. It started to crackle almost immediately after I applied it. Also, it made my nails look as if they were in the preliminary stages of gangrene. I suppose, it being Halloween, you could probably get away with that, though. It also feels disgusting, slightly tacky to the touch, and it accumulates dust because it never really dries properly. For a nail polish that cost so little, what can you really expect? Anyway, these are but minor issues. The polish is designed to be looked at in the dark.

with one coat

three coats

look how much polish I already used!

Like any other glow-in-the-dark polish, this one requires a bit of charging time. It needs a few hours under any sort of normal light to acquire a glow when you turn the lights out. I charged my nails up under a lamp for a few minutes to get it to glow like that for the pictures.

So, the verdict? I would wear this again, but only for a one-time occasion. I hate the way it makes my nails look in natural light (scummy, dirty, gross, etc.) so I would reserve it for night-time wear only. All in all though, fairly decent for the price!





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2 responses to “Glow In The Dark

  1. And how does the free lippie measure up? Am all about the budget beauty these days…!

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