Nail Inspiration, Part III: Fergie

Joining Katy Perry and Lady Gaga in the kickass manicure stable today, ladies and gentlemen, is Miss Fergalicious herself, Fergie. The My Humps crooner has sported some cute and playful nail art in the past number of years, as well as some over-the-top nail bling for stage performances.

Below we see Fergie wearing a celeb tried-and-true favourite, Minx. The cool thing about Minx is that all their designs are available for purchase on the website, so it’s easy to emulate celebrity manicures.

silver with black stripes


I love this domino design. I’m not sure if it’s Minx or freehand nail art, but I would guess the latter. Anyhow, it’s a quirky, cute nail design for anyone who is adept at making straight lines and polka dots. *raises hand*

quirky nail art

One thing I like about Fergie is that she’s not afraid to go au naturel once in a while. Check out some photos of her with nearly-nude nails.

natural and relaxed

neatly shaped and well-maintained

vampy and conservative in one

Fergie has been known to kick it up a notch for her stage performances – have a gawk at these incredible things.


Okay that *may* be a little too cat-lady-esque for my liking – but hell, she’s performing, so anything goes! The design on them is very similar to the one she’s wearing in the Minx pictures above. Do they even make Minx that long? Who knows.

I also caught a cute screenshot of a manicure she wore in the video for Clumsy.

black and white

Firstly, please ignore the blatant product placement! Then, look at her nails. Remind you of anything?

black and white cookie!

Yep, black and white cookies!! G, if you’re reading this – remember when I said I wanted to do a b&w cookie manicure, and you were like ew that wouldn’t look nice at all? Well, FERGIE did it! So there! Haha, no, I still get why it might look a bit odd 😉

So there you have Fergie and her Ferga-fabulous nails. Play us out, Fergie Ferg!





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2 responses to “Nail Inspiration, Part III: Fergie

  1. I love her natural look the best because it’s like her style is sometimes all getto, gaudy, and bad-ass, but then you look down at her hands and they are all elegant and sophisticated with a pretty neutral manicure ;P

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