All White On The Night

After my attempt at Necco Candy Buttons, I decided it was about time I bought myself a proper white nail polish. I assumed I’d be using it mainly for nail art, so I plumped for a cheap little bottle of Essence Colour & Go 02 White Secret, €1.29 in all good pharmacies.

white secret

The polish is a sheer, creamy white. I used four coats to get it nicely opaque. This would be a good polish to use in a French manicure, and is super office-appropriate! I think it would be a nice alternative to the French for special occasions, as well (wedding, anyone? Give me a few years… I’m working on it…).

4 coats, natural light

indoors, with flash

clutchin' a scarf

What a pretty colour for so cheap, and it wore brilliantly as well. The formula is very thin and sheer, so it really requires multiple coats to build up a nice colour. It wasn’t quite the white I was looking for, but I still love it.

Of course, I couldn’t leave well enough alone, so – voilá – ice-cream sprinkle manicure!

ice cream sprinkle statement nail


natural light

in sunlight, on my lace skirt

the ingredients!

To create the sprinkle effect, I did layers of polka dots on each nail, one colour at a time. I used ~

red: Wet n Wild Red Red

orange: Essence Watch Out!

yellow: L.A. Colors Art Deco Yellow

green: Essence Check Me Out

blue: Miss Sporty Pop Fiction

pink: New York Color Fuschia Shock Creme

I’ve realised that most of my nail art consists of variations on a theme of polka dot 😉 It’s about all I’m good at, so expect it to continue! I’ll leave you now with a gem I discovered on Facebook. Gotta love Jersey Shore 🙂




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4 responses to “All White On The Night

  1. ooooh thats a really nice white shade…

  2. This is definitely my fave nuaeabhrac DIY art by far! i remember when you posted this one on fb- i loved it. and that white shade is so gorgeous! i’ve never seen anything like it- it’s like a creamy white marshmallow color. perfect for the candy look!!!

    • thank you!! so glad you like it – I’ve run out of nail art ideas 😛 maybe i’ll start recycling ones I’ve already done, haha…

      marshmallow – that’s a perfect description of this white shade. i wasn’t sure about when i first put it on but now i LOVE it!

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