Red-y To Go

I’m a little slow this morning, so I’m including a little peppy musical accompaniment with this post – a 90s flashback by way of Republica’s Ready To Go.

Now, onto the nail polish!

Red is one of my all-time favourite nail polish colours. Everyone has a particular shade of red that complements them best, and for me I think it’s a bright, cherry-red. It’s hot, it’s versatile, and adds instant glamour to any outfit. I think it looks best with shorter nails – long red nails can be a little harder to pull off.

New York Color’s Big Apple Red Creme is a classic cherry-red. It’s probably one of the cheapest polishes I own (a whopping 99 American cents) and the bottle isn’t anything to write home about but – my God – the polish is.

indoors, natural light

This is one coat of Big Apple Red with my usual base coat of Rimmel Stronger Try Harder. It’s opaque in one clean coat. Love it.

indoors again

I added a second coat for more colour saturation and it looked even better, unfortunately the picture is a bit blurred…

with a second coat

2 coats, in direct sunlight

I decided to jazz up my thumb and, inspired by posts and pictures of ladybird nail art, I created this. It’s not exactly a ladybird, because I’m not that talented. You know, pretty much all my nail art consists of Variations on a Theme of Polka Dot. It’s my specialty 😛

ladybird inspired polka-dot

macro shot


I used W7 black to add the polka dots and tip to my nail, no special brush, just used extra care with the regular one. I also used a top-coat of Essence 01 Absolute Pure to even out the bumpiness created by the black polish.

Saffron FTW

Wear on this was brilliant, no tips or chips for at least three days. The formula of Big Apple Red is a little thick, but I’ve already used half the bottle, and when I got it first it was definitely thinner. I can’t believe it was only 99c. LOVE IT!!

Now to add red streak to hair in a bid to fulfil my inner 13 year old’s dream of looking like Saffron…



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6 responses to “Red-y To Go

  1. Republica – talk about a blast from the past!

    Love the red polish, will have to keep my eyes peeled next time I’m Stateside!

    • I love a good 90s flashback 😉 expect plenty more where that came from!

      Isn’t it a pretty red? I’ve seen NYC displays in some pharmacies, but they seem to stock different (maybe older) shades than they do in the US. I bought Big Apple Red nearly 2 years ago so it’ll probably appear here any day now 😛

  2. i love this!!! now i definitely must go and check out the NYC polishes! the color payoff is really terrific. and it really does flatter your skin tone. love the lady bug shot in the grass xD xD so cute!

  3. dee

    overly long red nails are creepy because they remind me too much of the covers of jilly cooper novels- said the smug, bitten to the quick nail having gal.

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