My Art Will Go On (aaaand oooon): Necco Candy Buttons

Morning blog-friends!

Here’s a peek at a recent Friday Nail Art escapade. For this, I was inspired both by Necco Candy Buttons, and Katy Perry – who wore a dress and stilettoes inspired by Candy Buttons in her California Girls video.

Katy's was clearly the superior candy outfit


matching shoes. too much? hell naw.


actual Candy Buttons, for you non-American-candy-knowing types


So anyway, I thought I’d try the design out on my nails. My first mistake was not to use an opaque white for the base. Instead, I tried Rimmel Wear Maxx no. 416 Daisy Chain, which The Internet reliably informs me is discontinued. This is probably a good thing. In the bottle it appears a  white mother-of-pearl, with a vague purplish shimmer, but on the nail it’s sheer as hell and turns out more pink than white. Bah. I used 2 coats before I gave up on it and added the candy buttons.


indoors, natural light


indoors with flash


If I were to do this again, I would use an opaque, Wite-Out/Tipp-Ex kind of white for the base. The polish I used was too shimmery and crowded out the effect of the buttons. I think I’d also make the buttons a little larger. The colours I used were W7 Shocking Pink, Rimmel Sunshine, and Mattese Lightning Blue.


candy button ingredients


So… what candy-inspired nail art should I try next? 😉



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3 responses to “My Art Will Go On (aaaand oooon): Necco Candy Buttons

  1. HAHAHA- seriously, the title of this post made me LOLOLOLOLOL! xD xD love this design!!

  2. Candy buttons look like some sort of illicit drugs for children. Your nails do not. I like them very much.

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