Double Rainbow… So Intense…

Hello guys,

Now this blog post has a multimedia component. Before you read, I want you to press the play button on the video below. It will enhance the experience a million-fold (at least). I’ll give you a minute to do that now. *twiddles thumbs, whistles, looks around*

Okay, ready? πŸ™‚

Today’s manicure is a combination of W7 Nail Polish in Black, and the swoonworthy Gosh Nail Lacquer 546 Rainbow. Double rainbow all the way! First we shall look at the black on its own. I love this black, it’s a clean sparkle-free creme that’s opaque in one coat. It can be a little bit gloopy, but I’m already almost halfway through the bottle, so it’s to be expected. Here is the 2 coat version.

shiny indoors black (ignore cuticles plz)

I mentioned before that the brush in this bottle has an uneven edge, making it difficult to be neat around the cuticles. Grrrrr and arrrrrgh. Anyway, WHA-EVA, because here are my nails topped with one coat, one MEASLY COAT, of Gosh Rainbow.


Double rainbow, all the way across the sky!!

Argh, just look at the multichrome flakies! And the sheer milky base! Aghhhh! Is the video making sense now? πŸ˜‰

WOAHH that's so intense

(with flash) it's starting to look like a TRIPLE rainbow...

Let’s just take a moment to shed a tear of pure joy for the wonder that is Gosh Rainbow.

*sniff* Β it’s so bright… so bright and vivid… so intense…

Phew. Okay. I’m okay. I’m composed. That is Gosh Rainbow. You’ll be lucky if you can get your paws on a bottle of this in Ireland, word-of-blog has meant that it’s sold out almost everywhere. Gosh products are stocked in good pharmacies and A-Wear stores, so keep your eyes peeled and you might get lucky! Alternatively, come to Sligo. No-one gives a balls about it here, so there’s plenty πŸ˜›

To finish up, here’s a pic of where I went yesterday – the beach (QUELLE SURPRISE). Isn’t it pretty? The waves were scary-big, and it’s the first time in a looong time there hasn’t been a single surfer in the water.

lovely day πŸ™‚

until later!



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4 responses to “Double Rainbow… So Intense…

  1. LIKE LIKE LOVE!!! this nail polish is the coolest things ever…. seriously. have you tried it on other colors? i bet black looks the coolest yet because it really highlights the rainbow-ness. and does the rainbow-ness last? bc like, with a holo, the multi-colored-ness begins to fade after a few days. it looks soooo cool!!!!!!
    and i love the YT rainbow video reference- very appropriate hahahaha ;D

    • I tried it over a pale pink and it looked adorable, like shiny clouds! It’s most dramatic over dark colours but it is pretty versatile.

      I forgot to mention – it begins to chip after one day :S Not just tipwear, actual tips. I’ve tried it with and without a topcoat, but it chips no matter what. Irritating!!

  2. dee

    two for 12 euro in my local pharmacy…..when my payday arrives I think I know how I’ll celebrate…

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