Nails and Things: October 2010

*races breathlessly back from real life to adhere to loosely-made promise that I may or may not be regretting*

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first instalment of my 35,000 part series, Better Know a Manicure Nails and Things! In this segment I will collect emerging trends, crazy new products and pretty nail art ideas, along with a deluge of picture spam. So, here we go!


Oh, oops. I have no idea how that found its way in there. What a kerfuffle! Anyway, on to the nails!


When I first heard about this new nail polish, via an article on, I slobbered all over my computer keyboard. It was pretty disgusting. But take a look at the AWESOMEST of AWESOME nail polishes.


Isadora Graffiti nails is a special top coat. You apply it over a bright, contrasting base coat, then you wait a minute, and slowly the top coat snaps, crackles and pops away to leave a shattered glass effect on your nails. There are videos of this on YouTube, and it’s pretty cool to watch. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Word on the street is that it will be available in Ireland sometime in October. It comes in six different colours, but I think black is the one I’m most eager to get my hands on. Flippin’ class.


The very pretty Molto Fashion has JUST MENTIONED this new trend here, so go check that out before you read my blather. I just want to emphasise how brilliant this nail trend is. It’s a simple way to make your nails stand out, AND it’s perfect when you can’t decide what colour to paint your nails (just use every colour!).

Rimmel Skittles, via L'

China Glaze Skittles, via

Essie Skittles, via


Nerd alert! I love that soon it will be Hallowe’en, giving me the flimsy excuse to paint lovely spooky things on my nails all in the name of being festive. My nail art skills leave a lot to be desired, though, so I’m hoping some shops will stock little decals or nail stickers in Hallowe’en themes. Claire’s get on it pronto, please! By the way, if you Konad, this is the perfect time to whip out those plates and get stamping. I’m writing my letter to Santa soon, and a Konad set will be very near the top…

Hallowe'en Konad statement nail, via

The above is pretty much the perfect Hallowe’en nail art for grown-ups. Subtle but quirky, and easy to do. Thumbs up, polish-lounge!


Um, impossible to recreate with freehand, right? Wrong! There’s a tutorial for each design right here! Still think you’d need a steady hand though…

And, if you can’t get your head around nail art, or feel too grown-up to wear it in public (who ARE you? get off my blog this INSTANT!), there are loads of deep, autumn colours (e.g. gold foil, black with red glitter a la Eyeko Vampira, shimmery browns… etc etc) that would work instead. And there’s always black!

black for Hallowee'n? ah go on then...


Hmm, I feel an urge to pic-spam… First, let me explain. As I blogged about before, duochrome nail polish is one that changes colour (usually flickering between 2 distinct colours) according to the way light is shining on it. So what’s multichrome? Need I explain? An explosion of different colours, that’s what! Slaver. The most amazing ones I’ve come across recently have been MAC Venomous Villains Maleficent Nail Lacquer (inspired by Disney) and Orly’s brand new Cosmic FX range. Examples…

feast your eyes!! (via

pretty... (also via

Oops, just saw that does not want her images hotlinked – I strongly recommend you all click on this link to her post on the entire Venomous Villains collection, the products are breathtaking. Do it please! And now, Orly Cosmic FX…

the collection, via

Space Cadet, via

the incredible Lunar Eclipse, via

Phew. Is that enough nails and things for now? Okay, I will leave you with one last little thing – a super-fast and super-cute tutorial for daisy nails.

goodnight readers!



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5 responses to “Nails and Things: October 2010

  1. dee

    The daisies are precious, but the halloween nails are my favorites, possibly because there is such a short window of them being seasonal…

    • you’re right, I’ll be sporting Hallowe’en nails for the entire month of October. Found glow in the dark nail polish in Tesco today for 1.50, and it comes with a tiny tube of red lipstick! But I was afraid it would be really crap so I didn’t buy it. Still, there’s 30 days for me to change my mind…

  2. dee

    there’s fifty cent uv polish in penny’s also….obviously the huge demand they anticipated never came to pass….raver nail, anyone?

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