Magnificent Ruffians

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Hello peeps. As my faithful Facebook followers might have already noticed, I’ve begun posting pics of my DIY nail art attempts once a week. I call it Friday Nail Art. Catchy, right? Soo much better than Thursday nail art. Today’s picture showcases my attempt at the wildly popular (in the esoteric world of nail polish fanatics) Ruffian manicure.

The Ruffian manicure gets its name from the New York fashion label Ruffian which, according to its website, “smashes archetypes and rebuilds them slightly askew.” Right then. So what made the nail polish world sit up and take notice of this label? Their show at New York Fashion Week in February this year, of course. Creative Nail Design (CND) polished up the nails of every model on the Ruffian catwalk in mad reverse-moon manicures. Like so.

bad a$$ nails

This look has been recreated by nail bloggers much more sophisticated than I. And I will provide links in due course. First though – my attempt.

the silver base

I decided to go for a silver/black combo. Mainly because I just bought this GORRRRRGEOUS (no exaggeration there) silver foil polish, Essence Multi Dimension 19 Rock n Roll. As usual, I applied my Rimmel Stronger Try Harder base coat. I did 2 coats of the silver because I knew there was some serious layering ahead of me. I’d recommend 3 coats for perfect, even coverage. And then… I applied the black…

could be neater... practice practice practice!

For the black, I used W7 Nail Polish no.28 Β Black (top marks for the name there, W7. A real mindbender). I had to be careful applying this because the formula is pretty thick and the brush edge was a little uneven. Boo W7. I mean, it’s hard enough trying to make a straight edge, but when there’s a rogue brush-hair sticking out, thwarting your fantasies of perfect DIY nails? Baaaaad W7.

(Okay, I’ll stop complaining now, because it was only €1.50, and the day I bought it there was 20% off everything in the shop.)

I stuck a coat of Essence Colour & Go 01 Absolute Pure on the top, just for the laugh. I know the traditional Ruffian style is to mattify the darker colour, but I had it on good faith that the glossy look was preferable.

NOTE: If you do want to use a matte top-coat, ONLY paint the darker colour!! Do not touch the silver/gold half-moon. I tried it and trust me, it looked like shiz.


So that’s the Ruffian look!

Now here are some bloggers who do it better than me:

Lacquerized is like the QUEEN of nail polish. Her Ruffian nails are the Holy Grail, and the ones I modelled mine on. Note the resemblance. Ha.

Lisa Nails did a brilliant reproduction of the Ruffian nail in the CND picture above.

The Lacquer Files has a great tutorial on how to get the perfect Ruffian nail.

And finally, Scrangie mixes it up with different colour combinations and striking results.

Enjoy ladies (and, er, lads, if you are a lad and happen to be reading this), and have a delightful weekend!

~ nua eabhrac



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7 responses to “Ruffian!

  1. Very nice c0lour there!!!! Turns out some lads are reading this ;-P

  2. thanks Jamie, and kudos on being the first lad brave enough to comment here πŸ˜‰

  3. NR

    That’s lovely! Where did you get the black, I’m looking for a good black?

    • thank you πŸ˜€ I got the black in good old Cara pharmacy, I’ve seen W7 bottles pop up in other pharmacies but never in a proper display – they’re not the easiest to find!

  4. dee

    agh, those are lovely!! I bow to yoour mad skillz.

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