Quick Addendum to Nail Inspiration Part I: Katy Perry

Did I not totally call this one the other day? How Katy Perry has been quiet on the mad manicure front, especially since she shacked up with Russell Brand. Well… check this out.


Katy Perry got her boyfriend Minxed onto her nails for the MTV Video Music Awards last night! Apparently it’s the anniversary of their love, or so her twitter page declares.

First of all – ew.

Second – Eh, no.

Third – Really? Really? Your boyfriend? On your nails? Really? Even if I was engaged to the person, I’d find it a tad creepy. Putting her cat on her nails was cute ~

Kitty Purry

… but Russell Brand? Someone call Alanis Morrisette, we need to add a lyric to her song “Ironic”. KP, man up, and quit having your life revolve around your boyfriend! It’s so very uncool.

~ nua eabhrac



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3 responses to “Quick Addendum to Nail Inspiration Part I: Katy Perry

  1. I must direct your attention to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nT1TVSTkAXg

    Also, more re actual topic of blog post – shudder.

  2. BRILLIANT!!! That clip is a classic, thanks for reminding me 🙂

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