Taupe of the Class

From Dusk till Dawn (soundtrack)

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Right, hands up who hasn’t tried (or wanted to try) wearing taupe this season. Anybody? No?

Didn’t think so. Taupe is HOT right now.

I’ve been searching for the right shade since I came back to Ireland (note to self: should have bought one in New York) and it took me weeks, WEEKS! Finally, I alighted upon Catrice 200 From Dusk To Dawn in an obscure pharmacy in Sligo.

out in the garden

Is this not a sexy colour, I ask you? I couldn’t stop admiring my nails. I used three coats; no top-coat necessary because the finish is seriously glossy. And it wore beautifully for 5 days.

indoors... check out the shine!

I’m obsessed with this polish. Have some more photo spam.

what I'm reading at the moment

taunting the inferior Rimmel Grey Matter

Eh yeah, I reckon that’s plenty πŸ˜‰

Catrice From Dusk to Dawn is a cool, mushroom taupe – there are so many shades of taupe out there, it’s friggin’ ridiculous. Catrice do 2 similar taupes, Clay-ton My Hero and Lost in Mud. OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques is a classic taupe, and China Glaze add a little sparkle to the mixture with the gorgeous Ingrid. And, of course, no taupe comparison sentence is complete without a mention of Essie’s Chinchilly (which I am lemming in a MAJOR way). I suppose I should also mention Chanel’s Particuliere, which spearheaded the recent taupe craze. Seriously though, €30 (which it’s currently selling on eBay for)Β on a bottle of nail polish ? Madness!

I’m perfectly happy with my €2.79 bottle of glossy, creamy, taupey Catrice πŸ˜€

~ nua eabhrac

(Ahem… P.S. – the corner photos all come from the Zemanta app, which I have now figured out. Go me.)



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2 responses to “Taupe of the Class

  1. VanillaLime

    I am loving Catrice’s Clay-ton My hero at the moment, but my favourite of these taupe-y shades is Gosh Miss Mole, it’s gorgeous!

  2. Ooh, haven’t tried that one, must keep an eye out for it! Sligo is brilliant for Gosh, I think I must be the only one buying them here… we still have a TON of Rainbow floating around…

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