Baby It’s Gold Outside

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Who doesn’t love it? Now that we’re in the big bad recession, ads have been popping up urging people to exchange their gold for cash – and I think I can safely say that gold is in short supply in these parts. So, in other words, it’s the perfect time to cheer yourself up by adding a little bronzed bling to your nails.

This little beauty is the inventively named “Gold” from Barry M.


Application was beautiful, and the formula was thin but nicely pigmented. I did 3 coats and topped it with a clear coat of Essense 01 Absolute Pure.


Take a look at the close-up:

click me to magnify!

As bling-tastic as this colour is, I found myself getting a little bored with my nails. After about twelve hours or so, to be honest. It just wasn’t cutting it. So I tried a wee trick courtesy of Lynnie at Check out the link first, then peer below for my cheap imitation…


Leopard-print nails! I’ve been swooning over the pictures of hand-drawn leopard manicures on Wah Nails and when I read Lynnie’s tutorial, I decided to give it a lash myself. It’s not that difficult to do, and it does look pretty cool… if you squint your eyes and look from a distance 😉

the slightly less glamorous right hand

(notice the white blobs on my thumb and middle finger? I helped my Dad paint the kitchen. Luckily regular nail polish remover whipped it right away!)

Gold seems to be a bit of a thing in the nail polish world, especially since gold Minx is both popular and expensive – some people seem to be opting for the more pocket-friendly alternative. Check out Gosh Gold for a cooler, more silvery colour, Chanel Gold Lamé for a more bronzey tone,  Topshop Gold Dust for a near-dupe of Barry M Gold, or Essence Gold Rush for some budget bling. I am aware I have overused the word “bling” in this post by about, like, seven times. I don’t care. BLING!!!

Now, what I’d REALLY like is some actual gold. Well be still my beating heart when I saw this in the paper last week:

*husband not included

Dammit… Well, thus begins the hunt! Maybe I can use my sparkly nails to lure one into my den… *flies off to fantasy-land*…

~ nua eabhrac



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2 responses to “Baby It’s Gold Outside

  1. Love the leopard print nails, they’re lovely!

  2. aw thank you 😀 my DIY nail art will continue, in that case!

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