Nail Inspiration, Part I: Katy Perry

Now whether you’re a fan of Katy Perry or not, you have to admit – the girl has great nails.

image via

Poor old Katy has rather fallen by the wayside in recent times, thanks in part to the effervescent whirlwind that is Lady GaGa. Gagaloo has left a trail of dust in her wake that seems to have swept Katy away, leaving her a poor man’s substitute. She kissed a girl? Well, GaGa had a Bad Romance. And she wore Coke cans in her hair while answering the Telephone. Far more interesting.

In any case, Katy has struggled to remain relevant to kidz in the hood, and her nails have become a convenient canvas for showing how hip she still is (or is trying to be). She regularly appears at award ceremonies and launches wearing the most ridiculously awesome manicures, and frequently tweets pictures of her latest nail bling. Want evidence? Feed on this.

queen of bling

pretty polka dots

bejeweled at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2010

the Union Jack for British bf, Russell Brand

cutesy floral Minx

Oompa Loompa Minx!

Jealous much? All these pictures were sourced via Katy Perry’s twitter page, by the way (, where you can find a handful more pictures of her blinged out nails, including a Minx manicure of her own cat, Kitty Purry. Minx is a favourite of Katy’s, as you can see in the pictures above. For those not in the know, Minx is a kind of veneer that is placed on the nail, ready-made – no mess, no fuss, no drying time required. Amazing, but EXPENSIVE – but definitely worth a try. The most popular Minx designs in recent times have been the gold and silver chrome ones, as modelled by rival Lady GaGa in the video for Love Game:

silver Minx

In fact, Lady GaGa deserves her own nail inspiration post, so keep your eyes peeled dear blog readers!

In the meantime, Katy Perry has gone rather quiet on the manicure front, at least where her once-frequent twittering is concerned. Could this be the reason?

image via

Tut tut. Come on Katy. Make with the TwitPics! We want more nail inspiration!

Anyway, Katy Perry gets the New York Lady seal of approval 🙂

UPDATE: More on Katy Perry and the Russell Brand takeover-makeover!



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4 responses to “Nail Inspiration, Part I: Katy Perry

  1. I’ll be honest; I was a fan of her music but not a real fan ’til Mr Brand (I would sell a limb to see him) but her nails… OH LORDY!

    I need pix of a recent mani I’ve seen on her, it’s red and grey I think, she was wearing it when she was in the UK last and I wanna know what it is; any idea? It looked a bit different from what I could make out but there are no good pics.

    Awesome post.

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