what’s in a name?

just a quick post, after noticing this article on the Huffington Post about ridiculous nail polish names. I must admit I am a little incensed by this – I love weird polish names, the more inventive the better! I hate when a polish comes with a a number, rather than a name. A name conjures up an image, makes the colour come alive, and hints at the creativity of the people who designed it. It’s not JUST a colour. I must confess to owning Skin Tight Denim Creme, mentioned in the article above. And it’s a great colour, and I love that it has a wacky name. Another of my favourites is Bermuda Shorts by Essie, a matte magenta. I say, hooray for silly, funky names!



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3 responses to “what’s in a name?

  1. That’s what’s driving me crazy about the nail polish here. They have something against naming nail polish, and I have to satisfy myself with a cheap old number. Booo.

  2. bah. i think, in that case, you should make up names for each nameless colour!

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