Holo? Is it me you’re looking for?

I know the very lovely Molto Fashion has already blogged about this polish, but I was dying to wear it recently so I thought I might as well take some pictures while I was at it. I love this polish – it’s a more muted holo than those by China Glaze and Nfu-Oh (someday, I will afford Nfu-Oh. I only know of these from other nail polish blogs). It actually looks silver most of the time, unless light is shining directly on it, or you tilt your hand sideways. I used four coats but no top-coat, because apparently top-coats can dull the holo effect. Some people use the sandwich technique to seal the colour – i.e. base coat, holo, top coat, more holo.

these were taken at night, in artificial night, still pretty holo-rrific.

here’s one taken outdoors in natural sunshine…

aaaaaand finally a close-up ~

Yet again, I forgot to take a picture of the bottle! Well, here are the details: I used one coat of Essence Colour & Go nail polish in 01 Absolute Pure, followed by four (pretty thin) coats of Milani Nail Lacquer 3D Holographic in 509 HD. It cost me about $4.95 and I got it in CVS in Greenwich Village, NYC. CVS, I miss your bargain polishes!

In other news, I got to Superdrug in Enniskillen today and brought home a little haul, including two Barry M polishes – squee! (okay, my sister did, but I will rob them for a future manicure).


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