old faithful

Hello saturday. There’s actually a hint of sunshine here today, it’s quite bizarre… I had forgotten what it looked like! I’m going to a christening this evening (it’s outdoors so rain, please, PLEASE, stay away) so I wanted to wear a colour that was pretty but also demure. In the end, I settled for one of my favourite old-timers, NYC Classic Coral Creme. I used to wear this a lot when my nails were very short  – it’s ideal for short nails because it’s quite sheer. This time I used a whopping FIVE coats to avoid any visible nail line. It’s an unusal colour, a shimmery pink that isn’t quite glittery, but almost. It is not as orangey as the photos suggest – it’s really hard to capture this colour. Here is the requisite picture 🙂

and another with the bottle (excuse the blur!) ~

…and finally a close-up. Check out how tightly packed the shimmery bits are. Awesome!

I bought the polish in New York, probably in Duane Reade, and it cost a paltry 99c. It bugs me when I go to pharmacies here in Ireland and find the same NYC polishes selling for e3.80, which is a full three-euro mark-up. Highway robbery! Anyway, hurrah for pretty pink nails 😀

~ nua eabhrac


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